Friday, 26 August 2011

Batam, Holiday Inn Waterfront City

Am reminiscing some nice moments my family and i had taken on our
short getaways. Here's another place to share with all. Though it would
be lovely to have gone without the kiddies in tow, no regrets. Cause at
Holiday Inn Batam, not only do you get to do couple time... the kiddies
are well taken care of. Read on if you're keen to take a short trip any-
time soon... For those wanting to take a quickie break during CNY to
avoid the relatives, you guys can chill here till the coast is clear. :lol:

As usual, i simply did a quick click on Holiday Bagus which i've bookmarked
as one of my favourite sites for short getaways. As we just wanted a
short trip to a venue without floods or quakes last Dec 09, we decided to
go for Batam. As we've tried quite a few in Batam from the city hotels +
tours plus the Turi Resort at Nongsa, this time i decided on Holiday Inn @
Waterfront City. I found myself attracted to what i googled on the web &
my instincts brought us to one nice chill nook within the hour. :rahrah:


I made a quick call to the accommodating agents at Holiday Bagus
Peninsula Plaza and told them i'd be confirming with them shortly
after hubs okay-ed it. We were quoted these rates.

Adult Twin : SGD $ 135.00 per pax

Child with bed : SGD $ 113.00 per pax

Child without bed : SGD $ 50.00 per pax

All in all we paid SGD $433.00 for the 4 of us. :celebrate:
Monies paid include 2 way return ferry tickets, 2 nights
accommodation plus daily breakfast for all four of us. Oh
yes, land transfers are also included.

As usual, i would be checking out sites everywhere for
facilities within resort and within the town plus the different
activities they offer for adults and children alike.

Here was a brief overview of the resort > Review Of Waterfront Hotels Holiday Inn.

Price wise... not too bad. And now for the real thing...
Why real thing? Cause pictures lie. And the pictures in
certain sites are like dated 10yrs ago and without any
maintenance especially for resorts, the place tend to look
kinda old and everywhere would be creaking... :roll:

I was informed that the ferry ride from Harbour Front Ferry Terminal
would take us about 45mins there. We parked one big luggage packed
for all 4 of us at Banquet while waiting for our ferry. We had something
light to eat before boarding to ensure we won't get too sea sick from an
empty stomach. Waterfront City was the second stop so we didn't alight
when the captain announce arrival at Sekupang (first stop).

Upon arrival at Waterfront Terminal, we were segregated by two groups.
One group queued up altogether upon being greeted by staff from Harris
Resort and then there was us : two families who opted for Holiday Inn.
Tho' we didn't receive preferential welcome unlike the Harris Resort-ers,
our immigration procedures were swift and barely took minutes. :wink:

A polite staff from Holiday Inn welcomed us and requested we follow him
to the transport which was a small van. It could fit both the two families.
I told the children to lean back thinking it was gonna be some time before
we reached the resort, but like barely 2 minutes into the land transfer, we
were already there! :shock: Very near! Harris Resort though, was a little
further up front.

I checked us all in and confirmed our ferry timing back as well just to
ensure we could get available seats cause on the day we were going
back, we were informed there was gonna be quite a big crowd returning
to Singapore... some tourists from Japan included.

The porter brought our luggage and led us to our room on the third floor
of the resort. We were pleased that since we went weekdays, our unit had
partial pool view from the veranda. :wink:

This was the view that greeted us when we came into our room.


So best the main bedroom can close with sliding doors! :evil:

We realised that the room was more apartment styled as compared to
the usual resorts that come only with the usual queen/king bed, bathrm,
dressing table area... so it was a nice change. :D

This is the view at/from the balcony.


This is the view of the other parts of our room. :wink:


Wardrobe came with a safe and even ironing board + iron. Some resorts
only provide this if you make special request. A few resorts i've been to
have a special ironing room. :shock: Everyone who wants to press their
own clothes will go to that one particular room. Hehee.. :lol:


This is the small kitchen/kitchenette area behind the TV area.


Since we already ate before reaching Batam, we decided to just dump
our luggage bag (which we packed really light) and tour around the plc
together. The girls as usual got hyped up upon seeing there was a Kids
Club and pestered us to make that our first stop.

Called Panda Kids Club, the atmosphere that greeted us was a really
spacious room equipped with the usual masak-masak toys (kitchen play).



There was also a small library corner with books for different age range,
TV area with lotsa cushions and bean bags on the added upper floor, a
small slide for indoor play and a gaming area (i saw x-box console).


Small shelves at the entrance displayed works of art done by some
kiddies and the minders. The minders will play with the children and
keep them occupied with different activities at different times of the
day. There can be fish feeding in the morning, shell craft in the aft..
and my girls couldn't be happier when they were told the first thing
they could do the minute they entered was painting! All it needed
was a simple form registration and SGD $5.00 for half a day or
SGD $ 10.00 for the whole day. I must say that's very cheap child
care. Parents only pay the sum if they decide to leave the children
there in the minders' care.

But if parents with smaller children wish to play with their own children
in the Kids Club or allow the minders to play with them but you're in the
area (so-called... with parental supervision), then no charge.


The Kids Club also had a few garments up here for children to play dress ups. :wink:
My girls had fun changing clothes and some costumes here..


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