Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Cashier From Hell

As usual hubs sms me to buy, and as usual promising a night to remember... this time via sms.

And what coincidence i was again at 7-11, but another outlet. Not so full crowd, but very sexually-deprived auntie (i think).. Read on..

Cashier : Yes, NEXT! (In a very loud booming voice)

Me : Hi! Yes, that wud be me.. (Preparing my cash)

Cashier : (As if intentionally ignoring the box of Fetherlites totally, when i actually put it on top to go in the bag first...) Donut. "Teet!" 8 days "Teet!" Drinks. "Miss, dis one buy one get one free, you want same flavour?" (Booming voice again)

Me : Oh, is that right? Ok then, same flavour. Thank you.

Cashier : Ok miss, that'll be $7.50 altogether. (Loudly)

Me : Ermm, that one also mine (pointing to the golden box-almost whispering-nice looking hunk behind me..)

Cashier : Haaah?!? Oh yours, haaa!! Ok, gimme a second. (As if tormenting me further...)

Cashier : "Teet Teet!" "Huh?" (Try again) "Teet Teet!" "Eh, how come dis one cannot scan one haa?" (Shouting to the back)

Another staff behind : What thing, auntie?

Cashier : Dis one lah the comdoms, Feeee....derrr....lite ah (Trying to blend the phonetic sounds for eternity!)

Another staff from behind : ( Came out like fed up must come out and get it done herself ) "Tap tap tippity tap tap..." "There auntie done!"

"Whose one ah?"

Cashier : This miss here. (Pointing to me!)

Another staff behind : Ok miss, including the condoms $10.40.

I quickly paid. Exact change. Then the staff from behind asked.

"Need a separate bag for your THIS? (Holding it up)

Me : Its okay, I'm good. Thank you.

And i popped it in my bag, never looking back.

Very bad hor..

Now you know why i said aunties might be sexually deprived..

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