Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Introducing Multiplication To Our Children

Multiplication tables now taught in "groups". 
For example, 2 balls in 2 groups will have 4. 

Children can draw 2 circles to represent the "group" in this case is 2. Then, draw in the 2 balls in each of the "group" / the 2 circles. 

I do similar technique with concrete objects like this one below. 
This was done with both P2 and K2 at the same time. As the 
concept is more of addition than directly multiplication, they 
were both able to work with it. And importantly, they had FUN! 


I provide these lovely ladybird pegs to the girls to use for the activity. They begin with the 2 Timestables. The circles so call represent the home for the ladybirds. In these homes, the ladybird flies in 2's / sets or groups of 2. They begin with... 

2 ladybirds in one home = 2 
2 groups of 2 ladybirds in another home = 4 and so on... 

When they're done with the counting and the pegging, i let them write the tables - 2 x 1 = 2 (and so on...) until the homes have all been filled with the tables of 2. 

At the back, i get them to count the total number of ladybirds pegged to each home and write them. When they have finished with all of the answers, we turn all the homes to the back (answers). 

We will recite the answers this way 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and so on... 


To diversify the interest, i use ladybird pegs of different colours, and also pegs of other kinds. The story for the "homes" changes with the materials we use. And so far, the kids like them. :D 


  1. cute idea! Thanks for stopping by and letting me know about your activity! :D @Chestnut Grove Academy

    1. Thank you, Jen! I will be sure to return to your blog for more of your creative ideas. Cheers! Happy New Year from me here in Singapore. :)