Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Jumperzillas @ The Shoppe, Marina Bay Sands

I received an SOS from a friend last September as he was overseas and couldn't plan for his daughter's party. Well, he sure approached the right person for help for i loooovvvve planning parties. So i quickly gave him a few choices of indoor playgrounds to choose from... for it was too last minute to host one outdoors like a chalet cum BBQ and such. Besides, the age range of the children on the invitation list were quite young hence an indoor playground with air-conditioning and kiddie facilities would be better. 

He eventually settled for Jumperzillas which was one of the newer indoor playgrounds in Singapore. I recced the place for him, found out the packages available plus get emails sent out. It was a pity that Jumperzillas didn't accept payment confirmation via Amex so it meant that he was unable to pay them directly when he was overseas. They accept MasterCards. My thoughts : Being located in MBS, The Shoppe, I strongly think that the shops and facilities there should support all types of payment methods and all types of credit card/banks.

Aniwaes, when we reached Marina Bay Sands we headed straight for The Shoppes and it was quite a walk from the taxi stand to Jumperzillas. Upon reaching the premise, we were greeted by vibrant colours and clean play areas.

From outside the reception area, we could see some children playing inside the play area. It was a weekday afternoon and the place was not crowded. Like all other indoor playgrounds, ALL guests entering the premise are required to put on their socks.

After removing shoes and putting them into the cubby holes, the staff got every guest to sanitize their hands before entering the play area. Temperature was also taken on the children's forehead. Strollers/buggies can be parked near the exit of the premise.

Like all other indoor playgrounds, Jumperzillas has their own Rules of Play as well.

The staff then brought us to where the party room was so that we could park our things. The room was very clean, already decorated and prepared for the party. 

There was a long table reserved for party food which my friend opted for as well. Extra side tables for the paper plates, forks and spoons.

For younger children and babies who were not immediately drawn into the main playground area, they hung around the play house and played masak-masak.(pretend cooking). There was a car/buggy to ride around in as well.

The kiddies were going berserk at the trampoline! I felt like I was still jumpin' around after I finished on the trampoline. =p

Older children who are tired of playing at the play structures, they can wind down at the gaming stations. Jumperzillas is also equipped with iPads at a booth where parents can sit around while watching their children play.

After about an hour of free play, the children were invited to come into the craft room for a short craft session led by the staffs. Here's what they were making that day. Jumping air-dry clay moulded into rainbow and a smiling sun.

After that it was makan (feast) time. These were prepared by the caterer engaged by Jumperzillas.

As there weren't that many guests (maybe around 10 families), there was even enough food to ta-bao (take away)! The food was ok. We were all hungry by that time. No, make that starving! It was way past tea time, for the adults. The children given a choice would just play. LOL! After the tea break mini feast was done with, they brought out the cake. The birthday girl's cake was lovingly baked by the good people at Cake Avenue. Many many thanks to Natalie from Cake Avenue for her speedy replies to emails, her professionalism and efficiency! Two thumbs up!

The rich chocolate fudge two tier cake was deeeelicious! The cute decorations could be eaten too!

At the end of the party, all the children were presented with a lovely goodie bag from Jumperzillas. Here's a closer look at the loot. :)

If you have been to other playscapes like Polliwogs, SAFRA's Kidz Amaze and the works.. Jumperzillas may seem a tad small for you however for our party of roughly of about 10 comprising more of babes, tots and about 3 lower pri kiddies... Jumperzillas was perfect and cosy enough for us. The kids had a blast and the birthday girl enjoyed a party with friends that she'd be talking about for a long time.

Special thanks to Jumperzillas for making it happen! :) The package selected for this party, was called Hippee Bumpee Package. ~ $999. Jumperzillas is located at Marina Bay Sands @ The Shoppe. B1-57.

Here's a link to their webbie for more details. http://jumperzillas.com

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