Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Montessori Phonics : Pink Object Box 1

Pink Object Boxes are easily seen in a Montessori classroom. Pink is the colour scheme used in Montessori lessons to depict the 3-letter phonetic words stage. In this stage children are learning to blend indvidual letter sounds to form words and 
are also introduced to simple letter combinations like ending sounds... 
>ab >ad >ag 
>am >an >as 
>at ... etc... 

You can also make your own pink boxes like how its done here.. Firstly, get your pink box. As for the size of the box, its reali up to you. The one used here is mebbe 7cm by 7cm. Similar ones can be found in shops like - Value, Daiso, or Sheng Siong. 


This box is labelled - Object Box 1. It contains small pink word cards with their corresponding tiny toys/objects to teach the 3-letter phonetic 
words which contains the vowel /a/ in them. The tiny objects can be collected from quaint novelty shops or even dug up from your childrens' toy boxes, art shops or simply as and when you pick up stuff from your regular shopping outings - look out for them. 

In this Object Box 1, i managed to find : 

As my box is pretty small, all the objects i found could fit in it. 



Next, print out word cards and have them laminated - this will be useful to preserve to teach future siblings. If lazy, just get pink paper and write with marker, oso can... 

During the presentation, give the child one item/object at a time. Let him/her feel the object, play with it a little and encourage any 
observation made by the child with regards to the objects. This provides avenue for the small talk and maybe talk a bit more abt the toy. For example if its a cat - go on to discuss that cats can be 
kept as pets, pets means animals that can be kept in the home... Describe the cat toy he/she sees.. Do they have a cat as a pet... What a cat likes to eat, drink and what does it lilke to play with at 
home... and so on.. As the facilitator, you decide the course of the conversation and limit to a time frame comfortable to you, for your child or for the class (if teaching in groups). 

When all the objects have been seen, touched and discussed with the child or class. Proceed to arrange them from left to right order on a 
work mat. In a Montessori Phonics class the emphasis of the left to right is practised all the time to encourage the reading and writing nature of text. 


Child(ren) are then given the word cards to read/blend the sounds. They will then match each card to the corresponding objects laid out on the work mat until all the cards are matched. Parent/Teacher then follows up by blending the sounds in the words/reading all the word cards with the child(ren). 


Mebbe as a follow up activity, you may want to read a child a story about cats or about occupation - bakery delivery driver, or a paramedic (to reinforce the word - van) Below is a craft idea to make an eye mask of a cat. Errrrmm... it may look like a tiger for this one, but well change the colour scheme, remove stripes shud turn out more catty! 



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