Saturday, 8 December 2012

Fun Multiplication Resources

Listen 'N' Learn Times Tables 

This is a unique and challenging game that encourages children to listen attentively and match different multiplication puzzles corresponding pictures and learn tables 1 to 12. 


This box contained : 
*4 colourful playboards
(both sides) for 4 players 
*1 audio CD 

>Track 1 : Tables 1 to 12 
>Track 2 : Multiplication Game 

*60 counters - 15 each of four colours 

The objective is to identify and match answers of different multiplication sums with the help of the corresponding sounds and pictures. 

Child is to place a counter each time a new sum and sound is heard on the audio CD. The first player to finish his/her counters in the correct place is the winner. 5 seconds are allotted between sums on the tracks.. so if you feel this is insufficient for younger players, you can always push the pause button between sums. 


I have been receiving threats from some readers, that they'd like to know where i live so i have no choice but share more resources and this material requires no need whatsoever to come rob buds house. Go down to any Growing Fun outlet you can find. I bought mine from the United Square outlet. :wink: See! I managed to get out of my tortoise village and find this for you all. :lol: 

It's the Times Tables Lotto i played to de-stress from the SA2 Maths exam. :sweat: Primary school problem sums these days. A lot of algebraic concepts. I might seriously need to outsource if i cannot cope next year. :faint: 

Times Tables Lotto 
By The Green Board Game Co


Brought to you from the good ol' people and 
creative people at that too.... of The Green 
Board Game Co; this game has been 
developed on two levels so that as children 
become familiar with times tables, they can 
progress from one level to the next. 


Contains 4 Lotto boards like the above... 


And 64 lotto cards/pieces like these... 

Each player takes turns to choose their Lotto board. The cards are then shuffled or mixed up and placed face down in a pile in the centre of the players. 


Take turns to draw a card from the pile. If the card is an exact match to the lotto board, place the card on the matching square. Easy peasy right? If not, simply return the card to the pile. Winner is of course the player who completely covers all of the squares on his/her Lotto board. 

Alternative way to play is like playing memory game. :wink: 

Yet another way to play is with Level 2, where the game begins as above (Level 1) but the players match the cards or lotto pieces to an equivalent times tables on the board as shown here.. 


For novice players or children just beginning to learn the times tables, parents can share the same board for starters. :wink: No pressure. :D 

Ideal for children between 5 to 9 yrs old i suppose and available to you @ only SGD $29.90. Yet another fun resource to help children with times tables in a fun 
way. Enjoy! :celebrate:

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