Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Fun Phonics Resources!

Learning to read does not have to be monotonous... dry... rigid... boring and uncreative... Think outta the box to make learning to read interesting and fun. Hokay hokay i hear ya..... I understand most will say no time... money no enough... and too much work... so here's sharing a couple of resources to work with your children and all at only SGD$10.00 and under too! Enjoy!
Costs only SGD$10.00! Purchased from Popular Bookstore @ Lot 1 Shoppers Mall Choa Chu Kang. This bingo game offers many hours of repetitive fun to help reinforce single letter sounds and corresponding letter shapes (small caps and large caps) with your tot or pre-schooler. Objective of the game is to simply spin the spinner and be the first to complete the game board to win! For starters, parents can also allow for just the matching completion of only 3 letter sounds in a straight line ala tic-tac-toe to win.. then gradually increase when the child is up for the challenge! 
The game set comes with a colourful spinner board, plus 4 reversible game cards... one face featuring all the single letter shapes / alphabets in capital letters and on the flip side showing pictures with word labels emphasizing the beginning letter sounds in words.
For mummies who like or prefet to DIY, this game can easily be replicated using a paper or plastic plate, round head fastener for the spinner, cardboard arrow a few of your own game board print outs and lastly plastic chips or even just coins.
This game allows children more exposure in recognizing and matching letter shapes, small caps and large caps whilst simultaneously revising the single letter sounds of the 26 alphabets. Also helps children identify beginning single letter sounds in words, pictures or objects around them.
THE SLEEPOVER GAME comes from the creative people at Innovative Kids! I love their books too! This book and game set costs a surprising SGD$5.90 when i discovered it under some other books in a wagon full of books on sale. What a gem of a find? I had to only dig a little bit to find this creative treasure piece. This was purchased at Tom & Stephanie @ West Mall, Bukit Batok.
Prior to attempting the games, parent and child can read the book together to help them find the clues to the game play later on. The games offered are in extension to what has been read in the book.
As the book itself covers short and long vowel sounds in phonetic words plus some blends as well, this game & book set is for more proficient readers who have completed at least until the phonograms/digraphs. For children attending Montessori Phonics, the children attempting this game should ideally be at the Green Scheme Level.
A laminated reversible and colourful game board is nicely folded in a small box behind the book cover. Three game pieces are offered... in stand-up characters duck, dog and pig... in pyjamas as the story tells of a sleppover with friends.
Tiled game cards are to be torn off from the boards and distributed amongst players. Objective of the game on this face of the game board is that the person who finishes all their game tiles first; wins the game!
This is how Innovative Kids grade their books.
On the reverse side of the game board, the fun continues with another game where the child isn't even required to read... but instead encouraged to scour the items/objects from the bedroom picture and listen to the sounds in the words corresponding to the picture. The game is called EYE-SPY- SPIN & FIND. The trick is to distinguish the short and long vowel sounds found in the toys and bedroom furniture & appliances according to the vowel sound shown on the spinner and place players' individual game pieces on the matching one.

Not sure of the answers to this game? No worries. It comes with a game answer key card for you to double check!
Here's another game called 3-LETTER LEARNING GAME that i bought from a Popular atrium sale. It costs only SGD$5.00! It is also easy to play! Rules to the game can be flexible to suit each individual child's reading or spelling level.
Once you open the box, remove all the letter tiles from the boards. Scramble all the letters and stack/load them up on the stand. After which you just slide the stand forward and 2 letter tiles will slide out, slide the stand back and ready to play. The first player to combine or form a proper word on the game cards will keep the cards. Upon finishing all the game cards, the one with the most game cards wins.  
Alternatively, you can also decide to distribute all the 36 game cards between the number of players and the one who can first finish forming all the words on their game cards; wins!
Click "Watch this topic" on the Forum Thread link above for more of my treasure hunts for fun and interesting materials to interest your child in learning to read or even for revision purposes. I will share more as i go along my journey in expanding my collection of learning resources to motivate parents out there to work with their children in the home with whatever quality time you have for your child. Learning through play has always inspired me during my teaching journey and i hope all children out there will be as inspired to learn with you (parents) too!

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