Monday, 31 December 2012

PSLE Preparation

2013 looms near and boy am I just still dangerously still chillax-ing away (maybe it hasn't fully hit me yet) but I like to think that I am adequately prepared... Well, for starters, I suppose one could say that I am somewhat how you say hmmm.. adequately armed with my arsenal of self-help resources. 

Read : PSLE resources.

I definitely have some favourites when it comes to resources and promise to share my honest-to-goodness reviews on each of them but like they say, it's not a one-fix-all thingy aye? So though they may work great for me and of good fit for my children, they may not necessarily be so for another parent. Hence, read the reviews with a pinch of salt. Ok, I think make that pinches of salt.

PSLE is short for Primary School Leaving Examination in Singapore for children who are in the final sixth year in primary school. I'd like to add a different ring to this abbreviation.

P : Please
S : Start
L : Learning & preparing
E : Early & continuously

It is not about testing our 12 year olds only the all-you-know for what was covered during the 6th year but really about all they have learnt for ALL six years. Yup. All packed into one mighty paper.

December has been rather uneventful since we aren't overly kiasu peeps, so though the girls did only so-so this year, we still brought them out places to chill.. let them have their deserved break from schoolwork.. and of course nag them for the mess they made from self-made games.. experiments gone awry and what-nots.

They have selected their own resources to work with for the month and if not for the school's initiative to get them to submit a December calendar of events (of what has been revised), I do not think they'd be too hyped to hit the books at all. Okay, maybe not for DD2 for she is a different pattern entirely. A bit more kiasu than say... me. =p So here's a peek at DD2's Dec planner, aye?

No, DD2 is not the one taking the PSLE. Her elder sister is. But the boxes in her planner contain more empty ones. Oh well, let's just pray she's a power-learner (learn fast!) when we start official revision, yah? *nailbiting*
I can only do so much to bring this horse to water, but I hell can't make it drink hawrite.
So, while we may think that DD1 is just being her lazy self she has other ideas. This caption best captures her mode.

PSLE 2013, here we come....

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