Monday, 28 January 2013

Right Brain Training : Part 2

I once had an invitation to come over for a free trial at a centre that endorsed the Glenn Doman method somewhere in the west. It was a newly set-up centre.

Having recalled some bits of the session from that experience, I tried out with chubs a couple of sessions within a span of two weeks, presenting the Amphibians set to him. Each time only flashed him the set twice. I didn't schedule a specific timing to show him the cards but squeezed the presentations sometimes before our Montessori sessions or at times after. Mostly done during the mornings when chubs was nicely showered and smelling baby fresh.. dressed handsomely and fed. 

Then, it happened.

Yes, just like that.

I was getting chubs to take his shower and while he was showering he simply said.

"Red eyed tree frog."

"Glass frog."

"Goliath frog."

"Common puppy." 
 *Uhmmm... he meant to say 'Common Mudpuppy' here. LOL!

I tried to contain my amazement so I just nodded. When he was trying to think of the next one, I thought I'd prompt a little to see if it might jolt a few more. Yeah yeh.. I know, I was greedy. LOL! So I prodded..

Hmmm... I know.... "Eastern.......?"

Then he finished the word. "Eastern newt."

Then he went, "Yeah!" 

After that, I stopped prodding. If he had more he'd dish it out. Be patient. Be patient. Besides... the other froggie names ain't that easy to mouth hokay. That set had....

> Giant Marine Toad
> Giant Salamander
> Oriental Fire-bellied Toad

....... just to the name a few. So, yes. I was astounded not just because the could manage the many mouthfuls. I was also in sheer awe for chubs was only all of 2 years young! 

Of course, I shared with hubs and he was curious as to how I managed to teach him that. I finally revealed my ehemm hefty investment on the Glenn Doman resources. Hefty by my calculations because we are a single income family. But knowing my fetish, I bought what I thought was worth buying. Value for money. Besides, now with our dragon_boi... I now have all the more reason to splurge a wee more since I'd have two new students to work with. Teheeheee.. 

Then, you know what wave came next? Hubs provided this spoiler : "Eh, d'ya think maybe he memorized all that? As in, he doesn't really know?"


No words. Just grrrr.. and it got me thinking, sigh... yeeeaahh... mebbe huh? Could be... 

So, I ditched the right brain training for a bit. Then, after only two days off from the last presentation chubs went into the work room and pointed to where the cards were placed. In his babyish voice he said, "Amphibians." "I want, peeass." (please) Oh well, HE requested it! 

So, we did two rounds of it. Then I kept it. I didn't dwell so much on that spark moment but I was inspired to do other sets to see whether it was indeed just a memory thing... like hubs said... which meant to say that chubs didn't actually know what he was saying and that he couldn't apply these things aniwaes.

Then an evening at gramps just validated his (hubs') doubt about the cards and the presentations I have done with chubs thus far.

Gramma was into this cupcake design thingy and she had on her kitchen top varying designs she thought kids would find cute. She even had a few insect designs to show the children! They went awestruck with such delectable pieces. Insects you can actually eat. While they thought it was kinda cool, I was bordering along more to whuh.. naah.. yuck.. I'll pass.

The girls each took one design of a ladybird and a bug. They showed chubs another design and was testing whether he'd eat it.

He looked at the cupcake in wonder and said, "Red-eyed tree frog." Then the hall went silent.

Gramma said. "Wrong... no waita minute, what did he just say?"

The girls replied. "Chubs was right. He said frog. Red-eyed tree frog." Seeing gramma clueless, DD2 went on to explain. "It's a certain type of frog, gramma. It looks like the design on your cupcake."

After seeing his sisters eat their bugs, he looked at everyone and somewhat asking, "I eat?"

All of us nodded simultaneously assuring him he could eat it.

Chubs opened up his mouth slightly and went, "I eat the red-eyed tree frog. Yum."

Well, take that hubsy darling.

I found this while surfing for a pix of the cupcake mom brought back. Couldn't find the exact same design but the only close pics I could take were these..


And here is how if you too are interested to make your own froggie snack!

Nope. I didn't try any of the insect-inspired- design cupcakes. No thank you, mom. 

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