Sunday, 6 January 2013

eXplorer kids @ Ang Mo Kio Hub

Ang Mo Kio has a added a cool feature to their hub in the form of a huge indoor playground from the good people of NTUC, called Kidz eXplorer. Very easily accessible via MRT from where we reside in Woodlands, I decided to bring all my 4 children here for a retreat during the last December holidays.

Yes, retreat from studying.  
A much needed break, even for me. 

After paying a whopping $61 over at the counter for all of us, (will share how they calculate) we put on our socks (compulsory!) and entered the giant impressive playscape excitedly.

The all white ball pool is a prominent feature of Kidz eXplorer indoor playgrounds. Colourful lights below the enclosure illuminates the opaque balls much to the amusement of tots waiting for opportunities to pounce on the balls when the lights shine through them. 

As I settled some quick reminders to all 
the children, they went on to play 
their hearts out.

I on the other hand, did a quick recce of the space with my 8 month old baby in my arms. Was very happy to find a nursing cum changing room that was private and cosy but most importantly really clean. Kudos to them for that!

ALL indoor playgrounds have their set of rules. Here is the one for eXplorer kid.

Some notes from the board.

Yup, we got to meet Santa as well. A nice change to Santa in fact. A much younger, more good looking, tall and more macho than the usual round teddy bear types.

I signed chubs up for this membership as 
I felt it was more worth it at the time. 
Will explain later.
The main play structure was interlinked and because it was that big, there just had to be extra reminders for all children playing to avoid accidents. 

Despite the rules, there will still be one or two who will test limits. I am sorry to offend but some children who were left to play on their own while their parents shopped or had lack of supervision were the cause of some accidents that day. They were bigger boys and their kind of play was a wee rough. Parents with small children and/or babies should exercise more caution to avoid mishaps. 

My children were knocked into running boys (playing chase) and DD2 got a bruise at the side of her forehead, a headache and she cried a bit (the were like 11 or 12 yr olds!). But since it was free play I just pacified her and told her to be more careful. We should first look out for others as they may not remember to look out for us. 

DD2 was accidentally kicked by one of the boys who was running frantically from his chaser, then toppled over chubs (she tried to block him from the boy) and in turn also knocked over our 8-mth old at the same time. 
The boy got a shock and offered sincere apologies. (You're forgiven.) :) He was more careful after that. We could see he looked out for others even while he ran. 
Yes, still running.

Side view of the structure

Back view of the structure

A peek into their party room.

 Tunnel slide.

Toddler area's ball pool.

*Will post about the entrance fees tomorrow. The boys are calling for their wee morning milk feed.*

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