Sunday, 13 January 2013

Edusave Award

Yesterday, DD2 was all ready in her neatly pressed school uniform at 10:30am. "I don't wanna be late." She quipped, as I was getting out of bed from my usual intermittent sleep (having to breastfeed the boys). 

I realized that the whole gang was already up. Hubs was sweet to let me sleep in. The boys were all showered and smelling really nice, waiting to be dressed. Chubs came over to me and said, "Mommy.. fragrant.." trying to get me to sniff the sweet scent of baby soap on his palm. I helped to dress the boys while hubs showered and in the next hour we were all outta the house. We were having brunch @ KFC.

Last December, DD2 received a letter, some forms (for merit bursary application) and a certificate to indicate her achievement for the year. Having received this every year since she was in P1, validated her consistent and conscientious efforts to study really hard and getting to be in the top 25% of her school cohort. Yes, she was extremely thrilled. Naaah, I suppose over the moon would be a more befitting description for her joy in qualifying for the third year in a row.

DD2 was to attend the Edusave Merit Bursary Presentation @ Innova Junior College yesterday, hence the buzz of excitement on her end. First time we shook hands and had our picture taken with Dr Maliki Osman, chubs was barely a month old. This time, with Mr Vikram Nair we have our dragon noob with us. Yes, we could see the eyes looking at us. Somehow, each time we are out.. people tend to like make a physical head count on our family number. 

We didn't try for this bursary last year because we didn't think DD2 qualified. However, a friend said that I should (in future) just go for it. You see, for a family with single income.. the take-home amount may look a lot on the surface but with the total number of family members per household.. may still qualify. I took her advice and feel blessed that this year, DD2 qualified. Students who qualified for the bursary would receive a follow-up letter like this one here to inform of the presentation ceremony.

As we entered the college, tables were set up for registration to acknowledge our attendance. 
DD2 received a goodie pack consisting of snacks and a memo. 
We had to make a bigger round the college this year as it was held in their fully air-conditioned hall instead of (previously) the auditorium. However, we had a better view of the college's facilities and the girls being much older this year, were able to absorb a motivating vibe somewhat... taking in everything we saw around us in sheer awe and inspiration.

We passed by the cafe first after which some murals on the walls that we had to pass to go to the hall. The girls said the school was beautiful. Here are some peeks for you guys.

We were ushered to some our rowed seats and once the event commenced, each of the families/students took turns to have pictures taken with the MP on first-come=first-served basis. When it was our turn, it was a quick firm handshake for hubs and a word of congrats from Mr Vikram Nair... for DD2 on her results.. and for hubs on his new baby achievement! LOL! 
The final station was for the students to collect their certificates plus a cheque of $200.

This year's presentation ceremony was quicker and very efficiently exercised, there was hardly any waiting time (as long as one came on time of course). We headed to Causeway Point for some baby shopping. I surprised DD2 when I got her a new book to commemorate the day... and boi, was she pleased.

I was surprised when on the way home she declared firmly, "I have decided to share this $ with all of you, my family members... $50 each." To me she said, "Just to thank you for everything you've done for me."

I didn't want it of course. But for sure, her thought counts for something. As a mom, the award/reward for me was having DD2 as my mischievous little monkey. 

That in itself already sufficed. 

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