Sunday, 20 January 2013

Gory... gory..

It's fun watching children grow up. Sometimes, when hubs and I sit down and watch our 4 children play together we marvel at how fast they have grown. Before I get mushy over this baby goo goo gaa gaa and get my mind wired for another one, I better just tell you guys what happened today.

Ya know how the experts, the books, the parents and everywhere and everyone else say that the child's mind is like a sponge? Oh.. and that they are constantly observing us adults on everything we are doing and saying, regardless whether we are conscious of our actions/words at all? Well today, once again chubs has proven that it is all true...

Hubs is a DIE-HARD Manchester United fan. He has followed this team since he was a small boy and just like any other boy with their dream team, he too, has had those dreams of playing for the club. Of course those are only dreams. LOL!

Growing up.. getting married.. then having the girls.. hubs dressed them up in his favourite team's jerseys and all aniwaes. Lucky for him, our girls are not exactly those Barbie or really princessy kinds. They are quite the tomboys really.. just like the mommy. Hubs usually quipped, "Aiyah, just let the girls fulfill my wish lor. They can be the boys I never had." So now we have not one, but two boys for him to dress up in the team's colours.

While watching the games his team plays, hubs likes to chant the player's names out loud.. like "Robin Van Persie" *clap* *clap* or sing the hymn-like-chant over and over.. 

Glory glory Man United
Glory glory Man United
Glory glory Man United
And the reds go marching home home home home..

If chubs is not in bed when the games are aired, he'd be with all of us outside playing his trains but I suppose he has caught up with the football fever from hubs and also caught up with all the excitement from hubs.

Today, in support of the Game against Spurs we dressed the boys up in gear and lo and behold, chubs pointed to the logo patch on his jersey and said Man Ted.. then he looked at me and said, "Mommy.. Mommy sing." "Sing for you? What song do you want, darling?" "Mommy sing peeese (please)... sing gory gory Ted."


So I started singing and once he remembered the tune, he sang along with me going, "Gory Gory Man Youuuuu Ted, Gory Gory Man Youuuuu Ted, Gory Gory Man Youuuuuuu Ted, and the reds go marching ho ho ho."
Oh chubsy... how mommy loves you so.

I got him to sing for hubs and awww, I betcha you know how proud that daddy is already without me telling you. Even if there's only gory... instead of glory. LOL!

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