Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Quick Fix Meals : Butter Rice & Baked Fish (Part 2)

Now... finally can sit down to share the Part 2 of the Butter Rice and Baked Fish. :D Just breastfed the boys and they are now sated, fast asleep. For those who missed out on Part 1 : Butter Rice Recipe, go to this link. > Quick Fix Meals : Butter Rice & Baked Fish (Part1)

This complete meal is so easy to prepare and cook, and in under an hour as long as you have all the ingredients ready. There was also very few dishes to wash post-cooking as only baking was done. The only thing to wash was perhaps the pan and spatula/spoon to melt the butter and garlic + the baking tray and that's that. :) The oven just needs a clean swipe. Done. Easy enough for mom or dad to make a complete meal all on their own! Try it!

Remember that 2 thirds of butter left from making the butter rice that i mentioned earlier? Well, use that to massage your fish together with olive oil and this powderfully packed spices - Mc Cormick Grill Mates Spicy Montreal Steak.

I had Canola Oil so I didn't purchase the olive oil as per "R's" actual recipe but I got the exact spice from the racks at Cold Storage for abour $6.25, I think? Can't remember the exact price. Oh yes, "R" went for the non-spicy one while I definitely went for the same one "R" recommended except I opted for the spicy version. No regrets. Nuh-uh.
I initially bought the Toman Fish Fillet because it was on offer.. Yah! Like $2+ nia! ... and because the fish slicing and cleaning expert at Cold Storage went home already. I wasn't in the mood to battle any fish that day since I was out with the boys since morning. I got a fab deal for both the Toman Fish Fillet I bought that day. It was nicely meaty, fresh, bone-less (a plus as it was easier for the babies to eat them as well) and really no frills during preparation.

For the second try, I bought seabass $7.90 each for two big ones! Yet another fab deal. Yup, plus all cleaned and sliced nicely. But massaging this fish that day gave me some pokes on my fingers and I had to be extra careful with the bones when setting aside some portions for the babies. It looked like this after all the make up was done. :laugh: Some makeover, uh? Delicious makeover ok...
But the taste was just as deeeeelicious as the Toman Fish Fillet. The outside/skin will be nicely spiced and crispy and really soft inside. Bake the fish for about 30 mins to 45 mins depending on the size of the fish... how big/small and how thin/thick the fish is... oh yes, under about 170-180 degrees heat. 
My friend said ask for it to be cut - butterfly pattern; so that when it's nicely done/baked it can sit/stand up like how they do it in the restaurants - flying fish. But mine refused to fly. :P I have yet to ask her what I may have done wrong.. hmmm... 

The Butter Rice plus this Baked Fish took under an hour to prepare and cook... ready to serve the family... yes, literally fresh from the oven. It was a hit with the kids and of course I totally scored extra points with the husband. Buds_hubs rang to say he was on the way home and was hungry, he asked what's for dinner and I only said, "It's a surprise." He lapped it all up (clean!) in mere minutes. He even ate all the veggies! Yes, including the broccoli! Yeah... That good...Oh yah! Forgot to letcha guys in on the veggie preps. Here was how I did mine.. it was finger lickin' gooooood. I love crunchy vegetables! And put-leeez.. who can deny baked potatoes, aye?

Pick all the veggies you know and love and bake them with the butter + spice spillage/flood from when you baked your fish under the same heat, with a dash of Knorr's chicken stock but of course baked for less the duration taken... also depending on your preferred degree of crunchiness. Put the broccoli in last if you like them served/eaten crunchy. If you wanna cut down on the time taken to serve the complete meal, then simply pour out the extra spillage onto a pan, throw in the veggies of choice, sprinkle/pour just a little chicken stock powder/broth over the veggies and stir fry like you do the normal stir-fried veg.

The freshly Baked Fish + Veggies 
are now ready to eat. 


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