Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Montessori Sorting Activity : Wooden Category Box

I just bought this from an online forum seller and spree organizer/spree enthusiast. It is called The Wooden Category Box. I found it to be super-dee-duper for follow-up sorting activity with chubs. 

I love the fact that there are quite a number of categories for chubs to work on. I am sure he is gonna love this material for awhile. This is continuation from our concrete sorting exercises. With this material, we can now move on to the abstract part of category sorting.

I did a 3-period lesson using the picture pieces with chubs first. He seemed to know only some of it, but I was okay for him to continue playing it based on the picture recognition first instead of actually knowing the names to all the items in all the categories. This picture below shows him working on the Vegetables Category.

He then picked one picture piece at a time and matched it from the most extreme left one first... yup... matching the pictures from left to right.

I encouraged him to check the picture piece against the one on the long category board first before he slots in the picture piece.

Place it side by side to check if 
they are indeed the same veggie. 

If they are a match (same), then slowly slot the picture piece into the corresponding slot below the long category board.

By far, I have observed that this Wooden Category Box has been steadily priced between $44 to $48... but I got it from Doris at only $33! What a good deal yeah?

Share with you her contact tomorrow.

Time to snooze now... 
it's 2:10am in Singapore.



  1. Looks like a great toy! How can I contact Doris?

    1. Hi kestrelsg, my apologies. I seem to have misplaced her name card. I'll give it another look and put up her details as soon as I can.

      Yes, it's a super-dee-duper material to work with! :)

      I am also quite impressed with the quality. Good smooth finish. No splintered-edges. The only thing that can be improved on is the illustration. It's on the cartoony side. Most of our picture card games and flashcards feature real-life illustration. However, I am not complaining. This material is great. :) *thumbs up*

  2. I still can't find her name card but I bought this item from her via this forum link :

    Doris can also be reached at : dorisong1509@yahoo.com.sg

    Hope this helps.

  3. Hi friends, I chanced upon another seller selling this a a good deal in Singapore Motherhood Forum. Seller even offers *FREE POSTAGE! *within Singapore* Click the link to go right there.


    Here is her email address should you need to reach her. :)



    SNIPPETS ON THE PRODUCT from the *seller.

    An integrated exercise that trains your child in observation, logical thinking, hand-eye coordination and imagination.

    99 pcs of wooden tiles classified into 8 categories – clothes, veggies, fruits, daily necessities, vehicles, animals, shapes, and numbers.

    Product Dimensions : 44.5*16.8*9cm (1.7kg)

    Wooden Sorting Box is suitable for 1-4 Years old



  4. Apologies, the link doesn't seem to work on comment box. Aniwaes, you can still copy+paste the whole link to go right there to the seller's thread in that forum. Cheers.