Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mother's Day Celebration

I got to wake up a little later on Mother's Day, which was great since I have been surfing the net till late the night before and lazed around watching some movies on cable. I was pleasantly surprised with a clean house, thanks to DD2 (especially) and definitely thanks to hubs. He brought the boys out of the room to play so I could sleep awhile longer. I was also touched by the handmade card done up by DD1... 


When I finally got up, I made brunch. I made some noodles, scrambled eggs and egg-mayo sandwiches with orange juice. As a special treat, I also made mini chocolate chip pancakes with two scoops of happiness - Haagen Daz Belgian Chocolate ice-cream. Yumz.

Hubs brought all of us out for a swim and a quickie dinner. Ended the day with a cool double chocolate ice-blend from Mc Cafe and a slice of fusion berry cheesecake. Yumz.

I was not expecting to get the off day I wished for. LOL! But it was a wonderful day nevertheless.

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