Sunday, 2 March 2014

Science at home

Am trying to pique DD2's interest in science. Her weakest subject that brought her down from her 1st HA class this year. While she says she's determined to do better, she was unable to find even the most minute interest in it. She says science is boring. Just read slides, read notes, copy down experiment observations. So that's what these kids been doing in school.. :shrug:

I wanted her to find Science applicable to life itself, to find there's a different side to science other than notes and copying model answers. I'm on the lookout for books and resources to help inspire our learning journey in this subject.

Here were some stuff I did with her.


Made some laminated cut-outs...


Get her to link the cut-outs with what we revised/learnt..
ie. 2D hands-on activity, putting words she has only read about into visuals.

She has very good memory, so she was able to memorize quickly functions of the parts. Later, we used what she had done and try to translate it to paper understanding. Eventually the stuff she worked on does have to translate to having understood the concept/topic well enough to score better than her last SA score. We did topical worksheets first. Followed by thematic tests.


As follow-up, I allowed her to work on 3D materials for an even more hands-on application. I saved up to get this to work with her.



She totally loved it. :love:

Lastly, asked her to attempt one top school paper of her choice to gauge if she had improved on elimination method when working with MCQs and if she had understood better about proper answering techniques using all the scientific jargon/keywords that she had memorized AND internalized. For only if she has indeed internalized them, can she then rationalize her answers for open-ended questions (scientifically) instead of her old ways answering in just plain English (and grandmother story :slapshead:)

So far based on this topic alone she managed improvement from her last score of 61 to 87. She couldn't believe either. Image Any improvement at all is an achievement. Small steps.. small steps.. :D

Still looking for a good book/site to carry out experiments relevant to their syllabus to help her with the experiential observation and answering technique.

But she's taken a slight liking to the subject for now. So it looks like I have my work cut out for me. :sweat:

I just hope I'm doing the right thing by her. :scared: Till the daddy gives official go-ahead with external enrichment lessons. Classes are sooooo expensive. :(

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