Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Harvest Week (Part 1)

Chubs and I were at the local bookstore to get some stationery supplies when we chanced upon these activity books by Smart Early Learning. We checked them out and the activity pages did look kinda interesting. The publisher designed these books from the easier levels to more challenging/difficult levels. I told myself that he's still too young for drilling. :rotflmao: Lol! As we were leaving the Smart Early Learning booth/area to go to the primary and secondary section of assessment books and study guides, chubs suddenly said, "Mommy, I need some assessments(books) too!" Honestly, I think he doesn't know what he's asking for.:rotflmao:

Aniwaes, wanna share my harvest this week with you guys! A really good and unexpected harvest!

Chubs asked me for some scrap papers and with a new box of crayons that he asked for from our trip to the bookstore, he drew some shapes freehand.
He started with the square, well almost a square. Lol! Then he said, "Mommy wook, I drew a square!" Then, he drew a triangle. My dad was over at my place at that time and he told chubs as a matter-of-factly, "That's not a triangle (teasing him)." In a very confident voice, chubs replied' "Yes it IS a triangle, see! Because it has three sides." He proceeded to point to the three lines he just drew. He drew a rectangle next. Followed by what chubs said was a trapezium, hehee and a cone. He suddenly stopped drawing and exclaimed, "Oh, mommy... there's no space to draw my cube."

We have only briefly worked with the geometric shapes. 
He helped himself to another piece of paper and began writing letters ABCD.
He then asked me to hold his hand to help him with colouring the picture of a pig.

While I was engrossed talking to my dad, he wrote letter p then said "p-uh"... wrote letter i then said "ih" and wrote an outward-facing letter g and said "g-uh"... He concluded his writing by reading the whole word - pig.

The only form of writing we've done were tracing sandpapers letters, or sometimes just store-bought tracing cards...

.......working with animal stencils.......
.......and using the Montessori Metal Insets & writing board/tray to trace the outlines of shapes and work on drawing rainbow lines across each shape.

Chubs has also been quite diligent in working with his Pink Object Boxes. He would ask to work on them on days he feels like it and on certain days, he may ask to work with the Pink Object Boxes a few times a day, albeit short sessions each time. So, I suppose now, chubsy's sensitivity for writing has fired up?

See this link below for :

So, perhaps I could oblige to the assessment/activity books request to get him drilled up… lol…

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