Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My Active SG

I swung by an Active SG customer service centre recently to sign up for its lifetime membership. With this membership, I was given complimentary ActiveSG 100.00 in my member's eWallet account to start off on a more active 

Apparently, if I was too busy to physically drop by a centre to sign up, I could also register online. 

Just download the app from to sign up. 

The app was easy to navigate. It features user-friendly tabs to bring you from getting swim passes for your family, to booking of facilities & even sign up for gym or fitness classes like pilates & k-pop dance programmes.

If your eWallet runs low, you can choose to top-up its value to continue a convenient way towards enjoying future sports & recreational activities with your family.

The complimentary ActiveSG $100 will expire on 31 December of the following year upon verification of the ActiveSG accounts. For example, ActiveSG Dollars issued on 6 June 2014 (or any other day in the same year) will expire on 31 December 2015 (the following year).
Singaporeans and Singapore PRs can sign up for their complimentary ActiveSG membership anytime. While the membership has no expiry date, it is vital to include an expiry date for the utilisation of the ActiveSG $100 so as to encourage members to begin or step up on their sporting pursuits sooner rather than later.
If you haven't already, go sign up today! 
PS. Thanks Daddie, for the heads-up!

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