Friday, 18 July 2014

Alternative to Montessori Sandpaper Letter Cards

This is the set of cards I used to teach chubs the alphabet. These wonderful board type cards are thick, has embossed letters for excellent tactile experience and has little lift-the-flap surprise on each card to engage a young child's attention and generate interest in learning the alphabets.

These wonderful cards by Georgie Birkett were bought quite some time back at Tom & Stephanie. Sadly, I don't see this there anymore. once carried them as well, not sure about now.

Budsy bought both the Small Alphabets version to teach both chubs and dragon_boi the letters of the alphabets, used Montessori sandpaper letter cards to teach letter sounds and the numbers version of Georgie Birkett's Count With Me board-type cards to teach the boys their numbers.

If you're looking for alternatives to Montessori's sandpaper letters and numerals, you may consider this range from Georgie Birkett.

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