Saturday, 26 July 2014

Buyer's Feedback


Budsy LOVES all the follow-ups by everyone! Thank you sooo much!  

All of your sharing on the developments and little successes of your lovely children, keeps Budsy going on her quest to reach out to more out there, to share on the many wonderful things Montessori education offers.

This sharing came from another buyer, an ex-colleague and suffice to say, a very long time friend. Her support in the little things I do are never left unnoticed & I truly appreciate our friendship.

She invested in a couple of Budsy's materials to assist in teaching her children to read. She has purchased the Alphabet Objects kit, the Montessori Phonics Pink and Blue Scheme sets and the very useful Large Movable Alphabets (LMA).

Like Budsy, she too has 4 children. She's currently teaching her #3 and #4 at home and has shared the awesome progress of her #4 with Budsy. 

Budsy is extremely overjoyed with this feedback and totally sharing the joy of Baby Nur's recent progress.

Click the link below to catch 
Baby Nur in the action.

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