Saturday, 12 July 2014

Fun Books For Children

Interesting books for children, especially boys. 

Reading forms one of the most important part of our day, here at Budsy's house. My boys love books, regardless if they are being read to or if they are trying to read the books themselves. The best way to interest children in the reading habit, is to have interesting books to introduce to them. Boys may not take to fairies, ponies and yes, princesses so here's sharing some of our fun reads at home.

In this post, Budsy will share books that have silly story lines. Boys love sillies.  Not only that. Some of our books come with wonderfully illustrated accompanied video CDs that have narrators read out in clear crisp voices and background music to excite the children.

Some books for older children also offer audio versions to encourage self-reading which I will share in another post.

Phonics is but only but one of the ways for children to make sense of print. Reading not only helps children pick up sight words, it also helps improve reading fluency. Most importantly, exposing children to interesting books will encourage children to have a love for reading.

Remember, whilst being parents of modern age and knowing the importance of children learning to read, we must also encourage reading not just to prepare for future academics. We should inculcate a love for reading, purely for the love of reading. The love for reading will open up a whole new world of information for our children.

So, if it has been some time since you read books to your child, (and i'm not talking Peter and Jane stuff or phonetic readers) read to your children tonight. Enjoy bonding with your children via regular reading sessions and allow yourself to be mesmerized by the wonders of reading with your children. Reading will offer great impact on a child's journey in language and literacy. Yes, even if 10 minutes a day is all you can spare… 


A really silly read! We first heard this story being read over television programme on our local kids'channel;OKTOChannel and the children were ecstatic when got them this book which came with a VCtoo.

Another silly read the children enjoy… This book is also used for Singapore Primary Schools' Stellar English Programme. Below are two different takes or versions to the same book.

From left : SCHOLASTIC's story card version of the 'I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly' and another version by Tedd Arnold with beautiful illustrations that tickle on my boys' funny bone for quite a bit.

A peek at SCHOLASTIC's story cards.
Each card features the animal that Grandma swallowed.

Poor Fly Guy!

This is chubs' favourite line… LOL!

There was an old lady who swallowed a horse…
She's dead, of course.

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