Monday, 1 September 2014

READING with the boys

Reading to young children doesn't need to be limited to just picture books or touchy-feely books. You'd be surprised that young children love books that have more words and story lines to them. Boys particularly, like fun and silly books.

Here's sharing one of our favourite reads.

THE GRUFFALO by Julia Donaldson.

Chubs used to just listen each time I read this book to him. He would also bring the book to me, when he wanted me to read it to him. The lovely illustrations on the book also attracted him to the details in the story. Later, when I had my lil' dragon_boi, he too loved this book very much.

The book brings alive adjectives and verbs that excite children. I love how this book offered colourful vocabulary for my boys. The very first time chubs said he wanted to read me a book during our bed time story routine, he chose this book. He was 2 years old then. While he can *read other books to me these days, needless to say, this book will forever be very special to me.

When we got our hands on a DVD of this book, the boys (and my girls too!) were delighted to see this story come alive!

Oh wait. Did I mention this story is covered in the Primary 3 STELLAR English curriculum? I found out when my DD2 did her STELLAR programme. Chubs saw her worksheets and said, I know your homework. LOL! Introducing children to the ways of reading should not just be limited to the process, but most importantly it is to inculcate the love for reading.

*read = refers to him memorizing story lines from his favourite books

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