Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Educational Resources : The Human Torso Model

This is another one of Budsy's human body model for the children to work on. This version is more easily seen in hospitals, clinics and schools. The pieces are hard plastic. Details on the human body are pretty clear for upper primary children to work on their Science revision on the organs of the body.

In Budsy's honest opinion, ALL schools should make 3D models available to teachers who are teaching Science in schools regardless of the levels they are teaching. This encourages children to apply Science concepts much better and of course, makes learning the subject waaaaayyyyy more interesting, instead of just getting them to watch slides and more slides, followed by notes and more notes and definitely not just the talking.

As a side project, primary school children can be tasked to present different parts using their own models made from different craft materials for example, clay, play dough, plasticine, foam and so much more as the sky is the limit. Interactive teaching also discourages children from falling asleep during class. 

Budsy is learning from painful experience(s), not to wait for the schools to implement interactive lessons for children. As long as parents can observe the sensitive periods to a particular subject of fascination, just work on it. Children learn so much better and grasp concepts faster when they are interested in what they are doing. It ignites that curiosity to dig deeper and learn more. That self-motivation alone is one of the strongest pull for a child's learning curve.

The Human Torso Model Kit can be purchased from this company that Budsy had the 
pleasure of patronizing on many occasions.  

From early childhood to primary level teaching aids and a wonderful range of learning tools from Math to Science, they have it! Play N Learn also offers a separate (pssst… cheaper) range of kits amongst other stuff during their school visits/sale. Children will normally get to bring home their cute little catalogue booklet to bring home to show their parents. Some of their kits can also be found at Popular Bookstores.

You may also peruse them and ehemm purchase online over at their official website.

Watcha waiting for? Get your wallets ready!

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