Wednesday, 8 October 2014

VIDEO SHARE :: Montessori Mathematics - Spindle Box

Spindle Box (1)

In this video, Budsy shares a session with chubs working on the Spindle Box. He wanted to just work on the bed today, so we brought the mat and the materials into the room. 

Spindle Box (2)

Budsy's lil' dragon_boi was whining for attention when we were trying to record his brother's session; working with the Spindle Box. Thankfully, DD1 offered to keep the baby company while Budsy recorded the session for everyone.

Thinking that the whiny baby just needed this mommy's time to play with him next, Budsy offered to play with him. Budsy told lil' dragon_boi he could choose from any of his toys.

Budsy was caught by surprise (a wonderful one!), when Budsy's wittle baby said, "I wanna do Montesowwy with mommy too..." 

....... and so we did. 

He actually wanted to have a go at the Spindle Box too. He said to Budsy, "I wanna twy too..." Lil' dragon_boi still needs some work with his number rods, hence he has not been shown how to work with the Spindle Box. However, seeing that he asked sooo nicely, we had a go with it. Here's sharing his cheeky and a little distracted version. 

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