Monday, 8 December 2014

SCHOOL HOLIDAY HAUNTS that don't cost a cent! - *Part 1*

The first Monday of the school holidays, Budsy brought all the children to an indoor playground to play; seeing that most days even if they don't end up being very wet days, the skies would still be looming pretty dark. 

Thinking that as members of this indoor playground, we'd enjoy the Members' Monday rates as usual, Budsy was caught by surprise when Budsy was told to pay a whopping 60 over dollars after Budsy handed over the children's membership cards. "It's the school holiday rates." The staff over the counter explained. If Budsy can be honest - from $4 to $20 is a $16 hike for a member and for big families like Budsy's, these costs are honestly pretty hefty.

Budsy is inviting suggestions from everyone, on wonderful places that you know of; where our children can play without having to fork out a single cent.

Here's one of Budsy's picks.

Nestled in a quiet area up North, is Sembawang Park.

The park has seen some refurbishing works and is much cleaner now than it was before. The park oversees a beach area that is popular for family mini beach outings, teen gatherings and also bbq parties. There are also bbq pits in the huts there and a couple more within an outdoor space near the playground. 

The playground is made out to seem like a shipwreck structure, where children can climb everywhere. There's one swing station where many can swing at a time too. There is a small grassy area for football and children can skoot or cycle round the park on pavements.

The park also sees joggers, anglers (there's a jetty here), picnickers and families out for strolls. It gets pretty dark towards the evening as lighting is pretty dim. If you're bringing children out here, plan a cool early morning or afternoon for some outdoor time.

While the park is relatively kept clean, do note these little things.

(1) There are no convenience stores around, except for a quaint and quiet eatery housed in a small cottage-like building. So, you need to pack light refreshments.

(2) Huts are few, so bring a brolly or pack disposable ponchos in case of unexpected downpour.

(3) There has been once too many where you can sight irresponsible pet owners who do not pick up after their dogs' big business. Beware of dog poop.

(4) If you're not cabbing, there's one bus that goes in here - Service 882 with the nearest MRT (Sembawang), about 10-15 minutes away.

We went around 9 plus one morning and the weather got hot towards 11am. Budsy packed light lunch if sandwiches, apples, cupcakes and Ribena/cool water. The children still wanted to play for a bit despite the sun, so after Budsy's lil lobsters were seemingly done, Budsy brought them to a pool to chill before we headed out for an early dinner.

Budsy will share more haunts soon. Excited to hear your recommendations too. Keep your suggestions coming! 

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