Monday, 20 April 2015

Montessori Homeschooling - Day 7

Budsy kept lessons simple on Day 7 of homeschooling. Budsy had lots to do around the house.

We revised the four objects we have used for the last 3-period lesson.
(1) fan
(2) float
(3) frog
(4) fish
Introduction to riddles!

My skin is wet, my legs are strong,
They help me hop and swim along.

To catch a meal, I leap up high,
And wrap my tongue around a fly.

Who am I?

Budsy went deeper into the frog object by introducing the life cycle of the frog. Lil' dragon_boi loved working with the life cycle kit. He asked for Budsy to read the book on the frog, a couple more times after lesson was over. When Budsy left the materials to cook, Budsy could hear him trying to retell the story on his own using the kit. 
We carried out the worksheet on the life cycle of a frog which was similar to the one we did on the life cycle of a butterfly. The boys did good. 

Budsy helped them with their frog craft for the day, to make it more 3-dimensional. We all thought the frog looked really cute. 

Lil' dragon_boi was absorbed with the frog craft and the life cycle kit, so Budsy continued the day's lesson with chubs.

We carried out the Spindle Box activity and followed up with the next few worksheets for the Spindle Box Booklet. Chubs can cut more confidently now, so he said he wanted to cut out the pictures of the spindles himself. He did well and pretty quickly too. Looks like his fine motor is improving as each day goes by. Budsy is thankful.

We sang the frog song we learnt from YouTube and the boys hopped along with the song, together with their frog craft.

When hubs came home shortly after we were finished with our lesson for the day, the boys couldn't wait to tell him about the stuff they learnt.

As Budsy went to the kitchen, Budsy heard chubs saying, "Dad... Dad... I learnt about frogs in school today from my teacher!"
Hubs asked, "School? Wow! Who's this teacher?"
"It's mommy's school and mommy's the teacher, dad! We had so much fun in school today..."
Budsy smiled as the boys rattled on about their day with their father. Another awesome day of homeschooling. 

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