Wednesday, 21 December 2016


Budsy finally commenced on the blue scheme of Montessori Phonics with chubs, when lil’ dragon_boi settled down in school.
We have successfully kept up with a daily morning routine of a few hours of work. Chubs has been given the freedom and flexibility on his daily choices of work; from the 5 areas of Montessori Education – Practical Life, Montessori Language, Montessori Math, Sensorial Studies and Cultural Explorations. As our sessions are now 1-to-1, Budsy is gradually increasing pace for chubs, to prep him for the rigour of mainstream education.
Budsy has officially introduced the Blue Object Box 1 to chubs. As an orientation session, we merely carried out word building activity with the box. This session was for Budsy to gauge his competence in listening to the sounds in longer phonetic words. Little emphasis was placed on getting the correct letters to form the words. Just an orientation session to kick in the new term with chubs.
The funniest moment during our orientation session was when chubs tried to form the word crab. Budsy let him try out both cr-ab and cr-ap combinations just to see if he was able to distinguish the right one. We had a good laugh over how different the meanings of both words were, with just the last letter sound. 😂
After we finished the word building activity, Budsy invited chubs to check his work using the word cards. This is the auto-education feature in Montessori; called the control of error.
Each activity in the Montessori Method has a control of error for children to learn the skill of self-check(ing). This feature is a wonderful way of gradually instilling work independence from when they first start on Montessori education. This skill will gradually on the children and they will unconsciously follow through this awesome habit, right up to the time they attend formal national education.
Chubs will make his own corrections to the words which he may have formed inaccurately. This indirect teaching gave him the confidence that it is totally ay-okay (and very normal!) to learn from mistakes. This control of error feature in Montessori education, allows children to improve and refine their learning skills in a non-stressful and non-threatening environment. They do not have to hear about the many things they have done wrong but instead, they learn how to make many things right……. all on their own. 😊
Ohhh the wonderful things about learning phonics using the Montessori Method.

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