Monday, 31 October 2011

Introduction of words to young children

Introducing simple words to an 18 mth old child during Phonics lessons
especially at the single letter sounds stage, helps the other children who
have yet begun to talk coherently have the opportunities to engage and
be involved with the lessons. Hence, in these activities for single letter
sounds... emphasis has been made that these should be able to cater
for children as young as 18 mths old. To help children who aren't
talking coherently as yet, we can choose to stick with mono-syllables.
One word in one breath. ie. fan, fish, fork, food, friend (etc) instead of
two or more syllables ie. family, ferocious (etc)... cos they tend to get
easily discouraged when they're asked to verbalize the words in the 3rd
lesson. However, during other times of their sessions with us... a wealth
of vocabulary is used during the learn through play sessions where they
won't even realize they're actually learning. Most times, they think they
are engaged in fun play. :wink:

If your own child(ren) by all means, is/are more advanced in speech,
please feel free to use more challenging words and objects (which you
can find) for use during the single letter sounds introduction. Words that
may be familiar like flower / finger can also be used though they contain
more than one syllable.

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