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Montessori Phonics - Introduction To Single Letter Sound /i/

*NOTE : In all these lessons, letters of the alphabet are not introduced.*


Introduction To Single Letter Sounds > Lesson 3

Recap : "Last week, we learnt the sounds of these letters."

Show sandpaper letter card /c/ and /f/...

Recap lessons. "This letter makes the sound..... ?"
Pause..... and wait if there is any response from the child(ren)?
If not, then continue.... "This letter makes the sound /c/." You
may also show the child(ren) the objects last introduced. This
part is optional.

*One at a time.. ie. show in isolation*
"/c/ as in cap, /c/ as in cat and /c/ as in crayon."

"How about this letter? Do you remember what sound this
letter makes?" Show the /f/ card. You may prompt the child(ren) if
the child/they does/do not immediately sound out the letter....."This
letter makes the sound.... (pause).... yes, good... it makes the sound
/f/ as in the word ffffff-ish.... ffffff-an.... fffff-lower." (Optional) : Show
/f/ objects during recap.

Introduction to the sound /i/

"Today, we're going to learn a new sound."

"This letter makes the sound /i/."

Show child(ren) the letter card.

Click here to hear the /i/ sound.

"This is how I write/trace /i/."

Slowly show the child(ren) to use pointer and tall man
together to trace the letter..... the stick line from top to
bottom first followed by...


..... the dot.


Would you like to try?
Invite child(ren) to trace the sandpaper letter.

The purpose of the sandpaper letters is to develop a
muscular impression of the letter shapes & to associate
the sounds with the shapes. This also helps to develop a
visual impression and to learn the writing direction of the
letter shapes. ie. left to right.... top to bottom.

Trace the letter again and say to the child... /i/ as
in insect.


"Would you like to touch the insect?"

Pass the insect to the child. You may wish to discuss
with the child(ren) about insects. ie. 6 legs, some hv
feelers, what they eat, does/do the child/children like
insects?.... or are they afraid of any insects, (etc)...

"/i/ as in ink."

"Look! I have a bottle of ink here! Would you like to see?"


You may wanna show the child(ren) how you drip/pour
the ink onto a stamp pad. Place emphasis on the sound
/i/ when introducing the objects...

End of 1st period.

2nd period. Show me....

For Period 2 in the 3-Period Lesson, show all the three
objects you've introduced all at the same time. In this
period, you are to observe how much of Period 1 has
been retained in your child's mind.. Place all objects
on a mat and ask the child to show/point to the object
that you ask for.

"Can you show me the ink?"


"Can you show me the insect?


In this period, the child is not required to say
out the names of the objects. He/She is simply
encouraged to point to them upon being prompted.

Now for the last period in the 3-period lesson...

In this period, the child is now asked to say out the
letter sound and be able to say the names of the
objects that have been introduced.

Show each object in isolation in Period 3.
ie. show objects one at a time.

You : Can you tell me what this is...?
Child : insect

You: Can you tell me what this is...?
Child : ink

Then, conclude the lesson before putting the stuff away.

Today, we have learnt...
(Simultaneously showing the child the sandpaper letter)

"... /i/ as in insect.... /i/ as in ink."

"We'll learn another sound tomorrow/on another day...
I will place this material on this shelf, so you may
work with it when you feel like it." (Show child the plc)

Invite the child to put the materials away. Since there
has been gradual recap/revision with the other 2 letter
sounds ie. /c/ and /f/.... your child(ren) should be seen
modelling your lesson when they play. Child(ren) can be
seen picking up the tray/basket where you've left the
materials from the lesson..... younger babies may be
playing pointing game if they cannot really speak.... the
older kiddies may be replicating the lesson itself as well.
If they feel like having a repetition and invites you to do
the presentation again, (like pulling your arm to the shelf
where it is kept)..... by all means, go ahead. That definitely
shows that the child(ren) enjoyed your lessons!

Do always remember that if your child(ren) did not get any
of the steps right at any point of the 3-Period lesson, please
come back to it/the lesson/the presentation...

Young children need lotsa repetition to perfect their skill. :wink:

Special Note : As letter sound /i/ has limited objects that one
can get in the market.... cos i'm still looking for a realistic toy/
model iguana.... :roll: this lesson has 2 objects. As with most
Montessori presentations, directresses work the concrete 1st
and move on to abstract. In the case of learning letter sounds,
repetition can be done with children using picture cards. :wink:
The 3-period lessons can be done using picture cards as recap/
revision activity...... from the concrete touchy-feely lessons or

Now for 3-Period Lesson Recap! :D

1st Period : Introduce letter sound & show objects in
isolation. ie. one at a time.

2nd Period : Display all the objects all at once and ask
child to show you, one at a time..

3rd Period : Ask the child to tell you the names of the
objects that you in isolation.. Then recap all the names
and the letter sound taught for the day.

“The things he sees are not just remembered; they form a part of his soul.” [Dr Maria Montessori]

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