Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Happy Birthday, Sara!

7 weeks sure heck fly by sooooooo fast. Today was the last session of DreamCatcher. The children played their final word games, consolidated all their written pieces, inherited loads of treasures from Sara as she was clearing the dream room and the session ended with a small cake cutting moment in celebration of Sara's birthday.
The very tasty cake was from hubs. He mentioned over dinner on Tuesday night to get a cake for today, since it was a last session. He didn't realize that it was coincidentally Sara's birthday until I shared with him. What a nice finale to everything, yah? There's also a little token from all of us... a birthday cum thank-you-for-everything-gift. 

Hope you like it. Oh yes, there's one for Janelle as well... *shout-out!* We hope you'd like it too, Janelle! Hope you're settling back there just fine. We are all still quite in denial that we're not gonna see each other again... even if we do, it'd be in another long tiiiiiimmmmme.

After all the little treasures were distributed.. all those beeeeaaautiful old books full of memories of growing up within the school system and how you guys did great aniwaes despite what people these days like to rant about.. we are honoured to have them and give them a second home.. a second lease of life.. we promise to love them just like how you did, maybe more!

Before we bid the much dreaded farewell, Sara passed this to DD2 and I almost teared reading it. You made this mommy sappy, Sara.

These inspiring words can only come from someone so passionate about writing and we are very blessed to have gotten this opportunity to get to know you (apart from learning from you) and the fact that we have crossed paths the way we did (thanks to cousin 'S' for recommending DreamCatcher to us! *hugs*) was just beyond comprehension. We hate goodbyes. So, here's hoping it's just those kinds of goodbyes that means, goodbye till later/another day and not goodbye goodbye out of touch out of mind. I'm gonna reali cry now!

Stick around here, will you ladies?
So that it can help make our heartache 
less uhhmmm....... aching. Yes, we are surely
going to get DreamCatcher withdrawal syndrome.

DD2 said. "I cannot believe we won't be seeing Sara again. First it was Janelle and now, Sara. I'm going to really miss them, mom."


  1. Hello!
    Thank you so much for this lovely post. Most of all, thanks a million to you and your girls for being a part of The Dreamcatcher.

    It was such an honour to be a part of your girls' writing journey. You inspire me with your enthusiasm and the path you consistently pave for your children.

    This goodbye definitely means till we meet again!
    Take care & continue inspiring so many others!

    With love and greatest respect,

    1. Thank you is not enough to express our gratitude for the time taken up from your vacation to do this. The pleasure was all ours. Every single session left our girls in inspiration and awe for the writing process, simplified and made out to be so much fun.

      In fact, just sitting in those few lessons have reignited my own passion for writing! :)

      Having this blog helps preserve these special memories we have of you and Janelle. Thank you for this till-we-meet-again goodbye, for these little hearts will ache terribly from missing both of you.

      You will always be in our thoughts and prayers and we all look forward to staying in touch with you. I guess... till next time then, yeah? *sob sob* Take care.