Friday, 19 April 2013

Quick Fix Meals : Banana Dessert/Snack

Not feeling like having anything heavy today? Perhaps feel like whipping up a quick sweet snack for yourself? I have one to share today. It's a banana dessert or snack that you can easily prepare in mere minutes with ready-made pizza crust, instant roti prata or even just sliced bread.

This version is somewhat like those from Pastamania. I have done up once with instant prata with raving feedback from the children. I will try with pizza next time when I get a chance to get a pack.


Banana (small ones called pisang mas)
Cheese (if you like)
Chocolate shavings

The base : Instant prata.. prepared pizza crust.. normal sliced bread also no problemo.

Spread butter over the pan till it sizzles slightly and place the base of your choice over it. Place sliced bananas over the butter and sprinkle the sugar (to taste). 

If you have an oven or toaster, scrap the pan thingy... just pop it into the oven. If not you can choose to flip your dessert over to caramelize the bananas (or not - up to you). If you have Happy Call no issues. :wink: 

Sprinkle grated cheese and chocolate shavings, (you can just grate them if you have these in chunks or whatever is in the fridge). If you have ice cream, can always add a scoop for happiness.:please:

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