Saturday, 20 April 2013

Holiday Programmes : Trick-or-treating with Kids Art

Going through our family's memory box yesterday, reminded me of another holiday programme I signed the girls up for. I signed both of them up for a Halloween Party at KidsArt @ Tiong Bahru Plaza... a few years back. At only SGD $15 per pax, I say the $$$ was well WORTH IT! 

The girls were ecstatic when they found out about this surprise I planned for them. During our train ride to Tiong Bahru, DD2 exclaimed loudly... "Hey, mom! Maybe there might be trick-or-treat-ing time since IT is a Halloween party, right mom?" Not wanting to be a wet blanket I replied, "Well sweetie, you'll never know. Perhaps there might be."  The girls carried on their discussion on what they were anticipating to happen at the party later that evening up until we reached the entrance of the art school.

When we arrived, we saw hordes of people... correction... monsters... who were already there. Some looked really scary. We could tell the effort they put into their costumes and make-up. Some looked funny instead. The variety of costumes were fashion show worthy. Us? We were all dressed down.. to the minimum. The girls just had eye masks. Because it was their first time, they didn't know what to expect and didn't want me to over-do their dressing (to which they regret, i know). 

The girls were given name tags/stickers upon registration for easy reference. Kassie (the owner there) recognised us almost immediately, which was very nice. :love:  She gave us her usual warm welcome and invited the girls into the main classroom which housed the other monsters who were getting their loot bag ready. Each monster was given a brown paper bag and some crayons. They were each to show their arty prowess by decorating their own loot bags.

This was DD1's party bag. The top one was the front of the bag and the one below this was taken from the back.



Here was DD1's loot for the night. Yup, there was even a hongbao (red packet) in the bag. Perhaps one of the shop owners at Tiong Bahru Plaza mall did not have time to prepare any treats nor come up with any tricks, hence decided to give SGD $2.00 hongbao money instead. A shout out : Thank you! Whoever YOU are! Hey, that made our pax fee only SGD $13.00 (each) after rebate.:wink:


Here is DD2's party bag.


DD2 was chattering away when we fetched the girls at the end of the party. She had sooooo much to tell. Of course, the first thing had to be about her wish of trick-or-treating coming true. She said, "Mom, even though you said only maybe... there really was one!" 

She continued, "We were invited to go around all the participating shops in that mall but only at the shops that displayed a scary orang pumpkin sticker at the entrance of their shop. It was really a lot of fun, mom!" Actually, buds_hubs and I saw all the kiddies in fun costumes but we didn't want to intrude their fun session. :hugs: In fact, the girls saw us while they were trick-or-treating and gave us big waves of their hands in sheer excitement.

Buds_hubs and I had a wonderful two hours of time alone (without the kiddies)... shopping... having quiet dinner... holding hands... kissy kiss... mushy talk... serious talk... talk about the future and simply just yada yada yada thru the evening. It was a lovely evening.

In one of that "future chat", we included the part where we were going to include this Halloween Party again with Kids Art next year and every year! So, we'll definitely see you guys again!


Thanks for yer scary pose, Adrian. We actually thought you were a mannequin all dolled up for the occasion.


Thank you Kids Art for a memorable Halloween Party! One that we were sure the girls will have fond memories of... 

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