Friday, 26 April 2013

Quick Fix Meals : Pizza & Mediterranean Open-faced Sandwiches

Remember my sharing on the quick  

Guess what? The same ingredients cooked up back there are great for two other quick fix meals down here. Read on...
We found this pizza base/crust at Cold Storage being the cheapest one around the other day, while shopping for the ingredients to make 
our pizza lunch. 

The verdict : If like us, you like your pizzas thin and crispy on the outside yet nicely soft when you bite into it, this should be your quick pick-up as well at the supermarket.
This same preps went great with my pizzas... we slap on the Prego Traditional as base 
for the pizzas then grate the 
mozarella cheese over that.
Taken before it was popped into the oven...
This one taken after the DING of the oven! :love:

......and the same ingredients are also fabulous for making the 
Open-faced Mediterranean Focaccia Sandwiches.
From outside the pack, you can already somewhat sniff the bursting fragrance from the herbs used to make this heavenly focaccia, but when you finally open the packaging, it reveals awesome goodness of the most delectable kinda bread you've ever tasted. 

Because it was kinda big, it can be cut 
into quarters to make the open-faced sandwiches.
Same base sauce used with the pizzas, 
before we pile on the toppings/ingredients. 
Just like how it's done for my pizza base. 

You can put as much filling or topping depending on which staple you use for it. 
By the way, those open-faced sandwiches...
Ours were this thick. 

Yup, size does matter. :lol:

Plus they were topped with ultra happiness boosters called mozarella cheese. 
All grated with love. :love:

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