Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Art Of Saying Nope...

Hubs has been pestering me to wean the boys or rather the elder boy (chubs) off breast milk. He tried so many ways including this irritating the little chap...

Take 1

Hubs : Can I share?

Chubs : NO! (Almost screaming)

Chubs : It's miiiiinnnne!

(He almost bit it off! :yikes:)

Take 2

Hubs : Can I share?

Chubs : No! Cannot, it's mine and baby's. Only 2.

(Him and his wittle dragon bro used their arms to cover their faces while being breastfed.)

Take 3

Hubs : Can I share?

Chubs : Noppiee.. nope.

Chubs : It's only for small children, right.. not for big man.

(He said to his wittle bro very nonchalantly) 

Chubs : Come babe, milk time.

Both trotted over to me hand in hand without any pressure.

They have both perfected the art of saying nope. :rotflmao:

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