Saturday, 22 June 2013

Which Is Which?

Which is which? Part 1.

Hubs cleared one batch of our laundry from the dryer and put them all into a laundry basket for all of us to fold together later that evening. While preparing dinner, chubs called out to us from the living room. Hubs and I were in the kitchen.

Chubs : Mom! This dropped on the floor. 

Hubs : What dropped, chubs? Mommy's cooking... we're in here.

Chubs : This... This dropped. I helped mommy to take it.

Hubs and I turned around to look at what it was... 
Chubs held it up and said...

Chubs : Wook, mommy! Your breasts!

Hubs went :laugh: then :rotflmao: then Image.

Which is which? Part 2.

This was yet another one of those days hubs tried to annoy chubs about weaning off breast milk.

Upon seeing me turn off the kitchen lights, chubs knew it was time for his milk feed. So he exuberantly exclaimed, "Milk time!" I asked chubs to get me a breast pad from the drawer while I waited in bed. He said, "You wait here mom, I'll be right back." Out he went to fetch me one. 

The drawer was stuck so he asked hubs for help.

Hubs : What do you need, chubs?

Chubs : I need a breast pad, dad. 

Hubs : Naah.. I think you meant iPad right? :evil:

Chubs : Nope. It's breast pad.

Hubs : Are you sure? But look at this video, it's your favourite... :evil:

Chubs : Yes, I wike (like) it. (Paused to look and momèntarily forgot about the other pad.)

Me : Chubs, I'm waiting for you.. where are yooooouuuu?

Chubs : I'm coming, mom!

Chubs : Dad! Help me open the drawer pwease, I need help!

Chubs ran into the room once he got one pack of the breast pad and he said..

Chubs : Sorry, mom. Here... your iPad.

Which is which? Part 3.

At Metro yesterday...

Chubs : Mom, come... I wanna show u something. 

Chubs : Wook at this? Nice? It's nice white... for mommy's. 

Chubs : For mommy's bra.. For my breasts..

Me and DD2 : :skeptical:

Chubs : No no.. for mommy's breasts.. my bra..

Me and DD2 : Image

Chubs : No no wait.. It's nice bra.. white.. for mommy's breasts.. my milk.

When DD2 shared with hubs abt what just transpired, he said again.. "Gotta wean him off yer boobies la."

Well at least he no longer points to mannequins and says milk. :wink: I personally think that's a huge improvement. :please:

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