Monday, 1 July 2013

Quick Fix Meals : Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet

How to make the fish fillet
I used this brand corn flour.. 

about 7 scoops/heaps using this IKEA ladle.

Image Image 

Crack an egg. Then, add a few dashes of pepper.. and about one small cup of water..

Give everything a good mix/whisk 
with fork or whisk.

The fish; I bought from Giant at Sembawang Shopping Centre. Frozen Sutchi Fillet.

I will keep the pack in the freezer if not planning to cook it immediately. 

I cut the slices evenly when it is
half-thawed. I try not to leave it
to thaw till it's watery.

Never soak the pack or the fish in water.
It ends up being really unsightly.. soft
and slimy.. like almost not fresh..
and more difficult to handle.
Texture should not be really drippy like
water drippy but slightly heavier.

If you want your fishto have some colour,
you can add some turmeric powder.
Can pan fry with little oil or if you want more crumbs or for a more crumby effect, 
use more oil or fry in a deep fryer. 

If your batter is too watery, it won't stick (like the odd one out in the pan I intentionally did for you :wink:).. 
But if they are just right, the batter will wrap around the fish nicely and when fried 
it will come out like a banana fritter 
(goreng pisang), especially if you cut 
the slices along the length of the fish.


For the boys, I separated the non-spicy fish fillet (pan fried : less oil). The girls can take the sauce/gravy but sometimes they are also jealous of their brother's plain fish fillet portions with crumbs... so i just normally fry a little extra for them as well.

This is how the sutchi fillet will look when they were pan fried using less oil, after it was soaked in simple batter of corn flour, water, salt and an egg.


Simple veggies in soup dish - cooked in oyster sauce like this can pair up the sweet and sour fish fillet dish nicely. This my friends, is easy peasy quick fix meal my family of 6 can enjoy within or under an hour. 

Next time, I will share how to make the sweet and sour sauce so you can serve your fish fillet like this.


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