Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Quick Fix Meal : Spicy Chilli Fish Pasta

And here is the quick recipe! Image 

My choice of pasta here is penne. 

Bring to a boil a small pot of water. 
Add a teaspoon of oil and a teaspoon of salt. 
Add pasta choice into boiling water and let it 
be for 8mins to 10mins, stirring occasionally. 

Drain and cool the cooked pasta. 


I like this brand of tuna from AYAM BRAND when 
used for this simple pasta treat. Thick fish bits and blends nicely with the sauce. 


Then for the quick fix mommas who can't find 
time to make their own pasta sauce, i find this one from PREGO (Traditional Sauce) is definitely a quick fix pasta base sauce. 


I'm quite the spice girl so i like mine with the (optional) chilli padi. Shhlurgghp! :drool: 

So... give the tuna and pasta sauce a good even mix / stir and dunk those super spicy baby chillies for x-tra oooommph! Yumz! 


For the added herbs I use Master Foods Italian 
Herbs and I still add the Mc Cormick's Crushed 
Red Peppers for my personal serving of extra 
spicy-ness. Yaah.. I am that spicy. :siao: :lol: 


Finally pasta won't feel right without cheese so a dash of parmesan's for me for the added carbs to those love handles.. :roll: ... 
and ready to serve. 


As with all food, presentation makes it seems more scrumptious than it is. So, when serving meals for my family I make it a point to prepare the table nicely as it does perk 
up the appetite. :wink: 

Since we don't dine out in hotels and fancy restaurants that often, the dining area can 
be transformed into a hotel-like atmosphere with a little bit of effort. 

Meals won't seem right without that cool glass of Coca Cola. (For us lah.. :oops:

So, darling... :kiss: ... 
this is what's for dinner tonight. :celebrate: 


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