Tuesday, 9 July 2013

I know this!

Chubs took an interest to dinosaurs while doing his dinosaur puzzle so I took this chance to show him some model dinosaurs, to show him other dinosaur kinds and introduce him to other dinosaur names. :wink:

Me : This is Tyrannosaurus Rex. He's said to be the biiiggest dinosaur.


Chubs : Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Me : This is Stegosaurus. Easy to know this fella. He has this nice bony plates over his back/body.


Chubs : Stegosaurus.

Me : This is anther easy one to spot, babe.. He has this crest-like shape over his head. Parasaurolophus.


Chubs : Parasaurolophus.

Me : Ahhh.. this dinosaur has horns and his own special name too.


Chubs : I know this! :idea:

Me : :scratchhead: (How would he know? I haven't introduced it to him yet.)

Me : You do? Wow, okay.. can you tell mommy then? :please:



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