Thursday, 15 August 2013

Effects of PSLE?

"Mom, are you really gonna be up to help tie my hair?" DD asked yesterday evening. I hardly do the morning school runs. So DD was seemingly quite thrilled about me getting up early to just make my presence felt. I guess I offer a better calming effect than the daddy. :laugh:

I had to set my alarm clock so I wouldn't overshoot on slumber, not that I have deep sleep aniwaes at least not till the boys are weaned off. I was surprisingly awoken by DD's light tapping on my arm. Nah, I didn't overshoot the stipulated time. :politebleah: I checked I had 5 minutes more. Funny thing was, I already turned in quite late, around roughly 2am. But I still ended up feeling like I was jostled out of my already intermittent sleep like every other half an hour? :frustrated:

DD was all showered and dressed in her neatly pressed clothes. She insisted on ironing them herself. She checked that she had her cleanest and 'newer' shoes. The pair that were less smelly most definitely! :laugh: She placed them on the top shelf of the shoe rack the night before.

I went out of my room and sat down with half opened eyes waiting to braid her long hair. As DD sat in front of me, a wave of unexpected nostalgia ran over me in what seemed to be like dejavu. Like we had been in that similar scene from years before... 

As I ran the hairbrush through her thick hair, distant images of her when she was in P1 in this same stance swept over me. Then slowly the images seemed to unfold like an invisible photographic memory album flipping swiftly, going over her growing years. Some screaming mornings when she was dilly dallying.. some breakfast mornings where we sat for milk, toast and scrambled eggs, some visions of her on my lap waiting for the school bus, glimpses of me holding her hand or rather she holding on to mine, trying to hasten our pace to quickly reach school as we trod slowly uphill along her school pavement.. very pregnant.. and some memories of us doing our morning readings together as we waited for the bus...

Gosh, what was happening to me? 

I was swept by the reality of her having grown so much, that flashes of her growing years unfolded right before my eyes as if they happened just yesterday... Is this normal, I asked myself? I hid my emotions which I somehow felt that she too, was feeling the same.

As I expected, she refused breakfast. Must be those butterflies that is filling her up. But instead she said, "I'm excited." That's a good reassuring sign.

I made her that cuppa Milo. Fed her (didnt wanna get her hands dirty) small bits of cake (she refused others) as we chatted... of course peppered with last minute prep inserts, which I repeatedly reminded myself not to do. :clubmyself: :oops: DD reminded me she had to leave by 6:30am and that was all she can bring herself to eat. She didn't want to be late. Reporting time was 7:15am. Well, in case the bus was late (or broke down), a lotta people waiting for the bus, or this and that... she seemed to mumble under her breath.

She said, "I saw the mints, lozenge and water in my bag. Thanks." :wink:

"You'll do great, sweetie. All the best. My heart & prayers are with you... good luck." She gave me her final hug, tighter and longer than the usual and bid me farewell as her daddy proceeded to walk with her to the bus-stop. 

Mother Tongue ain't exactly her forte but yesterday DD said it was ok, "It is good to get the toughest one done and over with.." She said in a chirpy tone. Well, I suppose she is right about that. :imcool:

Gonna try to go back to sleep now before the boys wake up else I'd be groggy today. :cry:

See ya guys back here later. :imanisland:

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