Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Quick Fix Meals : Durian Dessert

Durian Dessert Recipe

Green beans
Durian flesh
Pandan leaves
Coconut milk
Gula melaka
Salt to taste

1. Soak green beans in a pot for minimum half an hour. The longer they are soaked, the shorter the cooking time as the beans have softened a bit.


2. Pound the gula melaka (from the outside) to break the chunks into smaller pieces so they will dissolve faster. Alternatively, you can also cut the gula melaka into smaller pieces with a knife but i find it takes longer this way. Good quality gula melaka will not take too long (or too hard) to cut or pound. In a separate pot, boil water and add the gula melaka pieces. Allow them to dissolve completely and sift out any debris floating on the surface of that gula melaka syrup.


3. Put in the washed pandan leaves (you can cut into shorter pieces or just tie up a few) and also the pre-soaked green beans into the syrup, under medium flame and when the beans are half cooked add in the coconut milk (i used two smallest boxes of KARA) and stir occasionally.

4. Add in the durian flesh when the green beans are almost 3/4 cooked and switch to slow fire. This enables the soup to take in the aroma and the flavour of the creamy durians. It works for non-creamy durians as well so don't put to waste those less creamy durians that you may have or those thicker / bland ones.


5. Keep coming back to stir occasionally. The aroma is unmistakable when the flavours are all blended in together. It is ready when you say it is, because the texture of the beans (soft/extremly soft/crunchy) is a subjective preference as to how you like your beans done. Add salt to taste to balance out the sweetness of the gula melaka.

Thinking it'd be more value for money, I bought one value pack green beans and it ended up like a LOT! Like one huge pot! :faint: Luckily, there was more than enough durian flesh to put into the pot.


So I had to ta bao one container full for my folks, (my daddie's favourite :please:), for a friend of mine as well and still have some extra for us at home plus a bit more to freeze.


6. Dish up! 


Whether you prefer it eaten hot or cold....... they're just scrummiliciously goooooood. :please:

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