Saturday, 14 September 2013


Montessori Education offers 5 different areas - Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math and also Cultural, which also includes Geography. 

This month, my boys and I will explore on different categories of living things. The collections we have on our shelves are…

(1) Flowers
(2) Wild Animals
(3) Dinosaurs
(4) Farm Animals
(5) Creepy Crawlies
(6) Ocean Creatures
(7) Birds

While these collections aren't exhaustive, Budsy is trying to excite the boys with the model animals she has put together for them. The introductions will be in this order.

(i) 3-period lessons
To first introduce the names of the objects and simple characteristics of each.

(ii)3-part cards
To move on from concrete experiences to abstract. ie. from models/3D objects to labelled picture cards, followed by matching pictures to labelled picture cards and finally by naming each object with the corresponding words.

During these sessions, Budsy will insert songs, craft activities, colouring sessions, puppetry, story telling and mini excursion in the neighbourhood parks. Budsy will try to share a few of our activities and printables if time permits.

Meanwhile, here's a video sharing one of Budsy's session with lil' dragon_boi. Someone once asked which month he was born in. He is an April baby. 

Any other mommies with dragon babies out there? *waving!*

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