Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Do you know why?

We were out for dinner after which, chubs said he wanted me to bring him to the arcade while waiting for hubs to join us for window shopping. As we were walking away from the dinner venue, he pointed to the arcade and said...

Chubs : Mom, can we go there?

Me : To the arcade?

Chubs : Yes, to that place. (pointing towards the arcade)

Chubs : Can you bring me there to play, please, please, please...? (giving me the puppy-eyed look)

Me : I don't really like that place. It is too noisy. 

Chubs : Well mom, do you know why that place is noisy?

Me : Yeah, because it is sooo crowded in there! I can barely hear myself.

Chubs : No, mom... the place is noisy because it is sooo much fun (in there).

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