Thursday, 31 October 2013

Thai Food

I love eating Thai food. 
I love eating Thai Food at Siam Kitchen. 

Especially at the Lot One 
(Choa Chu Kang Shoppers Mall)outlet. 

The staff are welcoming, attentive and they 

can offer good recommendations when one is 

in doubt. The place has such nice calming 

ambience especially during off peak hours 
where one can slowly savour the food... 
bite after bite. 


They currently have promotion only for OCBC cards. I don't have OCBC but who cares. :imcool: 

Phad Thai Glass Noodle (Chicken) :drool:


Minced Chicken Ball :drool:


Dipped in their signature and most delicious sambal belachan.

A full basket of crackers!


With another helping of sambal belachan! :drool:
Their sambal belachan is goooood... :please:

Wait! How can a dinner at Siam Kitchen be complete without their dessert? :evil: 
I normally go with the coconut ice-cream 
with red ruby and cempedak slices. :drool: 

But decided to try something new today to tickle my taste buds....



I tried their Mango Sticky Rice today. :drool:

But don't just let these pictures do 
the talking or take my word for it. 

You gotta try it for yourself.

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