Friday, 1 November 2013

Quick Fix Meals : Budsy's Baked Chicken Pie

If you're having one of those days again when you just don't feel like having another rice meal, you can consider whipping up this 
simple Baked Chicken Pie.


Potatoes : We use Russet Potatoes from Cold Storage called, Cream of the crop. Boil half a bag of those potatoes to get 2 casseroles of the baked chicken pie. Once potatoes soften, strain water and allow for them to cool for a while before mashing them up either with a fork or a masher, if you have one. Set aside.
Chicken fillet : We use the fillets from Cold Storage as well, since we are there to get the potatoes. Retails for about $7 a pack. These fillets are washed and diced.

Heat a non-stick pan with garlic and a tad of ginger (helps rid off any unpleasant meaty scent apart from contributing its taste) with a teaspoon of oil. Add the diced chicken fillets and stir until evenly mixed before adding mixed veggies and two cans of Campbell's Cream of Mushroom. 
We use Wattie's Mixed Veges cos we love the additional long beans in them compared to other brands.

Next, pour in a cup of chicken stock, doesn't matter whether it is store bought or self-prepared... or whether it is cubed or broth. Add in sugar and salt to taste. Keep stirring everything until the cream thickens. Before turning off the fire, add pepper to taste as well.
Scoop the mashed potatoes into your preferred pans or casseroles, evenly covering the surface of the dish including the walls. We have this oval casserole we bought from Ikea. We are pretty satisfied that it does not stick when the pie is ready to be served.

When the base of the pie has been evenly spread with the mashed potatoes, scoop spoonfuls of the cooked chicken dices and spread this filling evenly onto the mashed potato base. Lastly, once again scoop more mashed potatoes to fully cover the filling. 
Pop the casserole into the oven for about 40 minutes on a high of 350 degrees celsius, after which we cover the top of the potato-covered casserole with Mozarella cheese and continue to bake for additional 5 minutes thereabouts, when the mozarella is nicely done.
 This is how the baked chicken pie will turn out once it's fully baked. This one below was baked till the mozarella was browned. 

You can choose to shorten the baking time should you prefer the mozarella more sticky and chewy instead of crisply done. Totally up to your preference. This is how a cross section of the baked chicken pie will look. A fabulous alternative to rice, any day. Try it and tell me how yours turned out.

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