Tuesday, 26 November 2013

PSLE 2013 Results Day

22nd Nov was would definitely go down as one of the most stressful days in 2013. It was PSLE results day. 

To cut to the chase, DD1 was relieved that she passed! :pray:

You wouldn't believe the state she was in the day before and on the results day itself. She was a wreck! :siao: She couldn't sleep in peace. Tossing and turning. In out of toilet. Ended up sleeping on the sofa. Next morning took a heck of a long time in the toilet. Said her tummy not feeling too good. It was the jitters getting to her. On the way to Mac for bfast, again she said her tummy is doing things. I told her must be those dinosaurs. She asked, "Thought it was butterflies?" :rotflmao:In her state then, it was definitely one heckuva T-rex! :laugh:

I told her to remember that feeling and all those emotions. THAT should be the same feeling she should get, when preparing for exams. That these things matter, because it will help her pave a better future she choose to carve for herself. She cried before she left us at the hall to go to her class. I waited and waited then went down to look for her but couldn't find her. I thought what happened. None of her friends saw her and I thought my worst fears played out. That she may have to repeat. She barely studied and was in one of her most rebellious stage in the last six years. All of us were prepared for the worst. I was worried that she may not be able to take it in stride, if she was alone. I was frantic when none of us could see/find her anywhere. 

When we finally met up at the parade square, her eyes were glistening. "You okay? We looked everywhere for you! We thought something was not right." She nodded to gesture she was ok and stretched out the slip in her hands. I had to do a double take! She passed! Thank goodness for that! We were all worried sick! :faint: 

She told me not to post her tscore here but she doesn't mind me sharing that she managed to scrape through to qualify for Normal Academic route. :please:

Brought my kids for lunch at Swensens while everyone else caught up with one another. For her, she was just glad to get outta there. :wink:

While chubs and dragon_boi slept, she was in her room finalizing her secondary school options.:love:

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