Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Paint-By-Numbers (2)

Not sure how to get the kiddies to be quiet these holidays? Lol! Try getting your brats to work on these painting boards called Paint By Numbers by Art Lane. There's a small area in Isetan (kids' level) that carries this range of paint-by-numbers.

Alice, the lady who attended to us was very helpful with her explanations on the product and suggestions. She helped narrow down choices for DD1 especially since the 1st board DD eyed on was out of stock. She took out the boards from the box so DD could have a feel of the amount of work that would go into each piece.



From what was available (in-stock) DD1 eventually chose an interesting abstract piece to brighten up her room.


This is a medium sized piece.

For those who are keen to get these lovelies, there's currently 20% promo on ALL pieces. 

There are three sizes available. Small, medium and large. This medium range that DD1 eventually picked out is priced at $36.90 before discount. :wink:

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