Monday, 2 June 2014

Happy Birthday DD1

Friday's PTM (Parent-Teacher-Meeting) was wonderful. DD1 did wonderful. Both behavioural and academically. :love:

FT (Form Teacher) started off with feedback on conduct first. She complimented DD1 on extreme good behaviour with not even a single complaint or negative feedback from any of her subject teachers. Never gave any of the teachers any problem with her work. Was praised for being focussed in her work and her ability to remain undistracted by common teen issues like hanging out with friends after school, BGR, family issues (etc). FT attributed it to her being in a positive family environment and values that keeps her grounded and she wants DD to appreciate this good family relationship that keeps her in good stead.

We discussed at length about bullying incidents, BGR issues, selection of friends, (etc) and followed by the academic report and feedback.

DD really worked on her Math and it clearly showed that efforts reaped results. Her scores improved by abt 10 marks and one grade up (B4). Next shocker was another one of her weaker subjects - History. Improved History from 60 (B4) to a distinction. Geography improved as well from C5 to B3.

The overall aggregate for NA students are tabulated according to EMB3.
E being English Language.
M being Mathematics.
B3 refers to best 3 subjects.

DD1's overall performance for the semester so far has been okay I suppose.

Still no tuition (not that we can afford it aniwaes) and no assistance from myself and hubs.

Overall aggregate for CA : 9
Overall aggregate for SA : 11

DD was 5th position in class for CA but this SA, class position was not made known. However, FT verbally shared DD's ranking in the school, (her results) placed her in the cream.. that if she kept at it (maintain).. at national level for NA.. she will be considered top 10% and will be eligible to go for Direct Foundation Programme at Polytechnic.

If aiming to go via JC route can aim for either lateral transfer to Express Stream for next year which means she must maintain at least 70-75%. FT shared all teachers have come together in support of her and will fight for a place on Express for her if she continued to work even harder as this goal will require more sacrifice (study time) and asked DD to get help after school from the relevant subject teachers. If it's a positive result at year-end, FT told her that she can look forward to doing O's at Sec 4. If not she can still try ace her N's at Sec 4 to get the opportunity to still do O's at Sec 5.

All in all an extremely fruitful PTM. FT was not looking at the time at all. She spent an hour with us since there wasn't any booking for the next few slots. Like I have shared before, DD is in a good place/school now than ever before. It's really all up to her now.



For now, DD has done very well and hope her motivation can hold out. While hubs wasn't exactly enthusiastic with her results, I personally am very pleased with it & very proud of her, especially since she did it all on her own. My only provisions are good guides at her disposal, whipping up her favourite food and lotsa encouragement and support. So it looks like our no-failed-subjects-no-assessments deal is still a good deal till now.

Congratulations my daughter.
You did wonderful. :hugs:

.........and Happy 13th Birthday. :kiss:
You're now officially a teenager.

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