Saturday, 31 May 2014

Project Wean-Off

Hub has not given up on his quest for the boys' wean off from BM.

My boys have found a new way to fight for their cause. :rotflmao: 
So far, the boys are still leading in winning their battles.

Battle 1

Hubs : Big boys can't drink mommy's milk anymore.

Chubs : But mommy's milk is nice and sweet. 

Hubs : Big boys can drink from bottles and cups.

Chubs : I drink that too but now is time to sweep (sleep :rotflmao:) and milk from the breast is best.

Battle 2

Hubs : Ok, sleep time! (He means, everyone keep quiet now).

Dragon_boi : Ok. Drink milk first.

Hubs : Ok. Yay! Milk from the bottle!

Dragon_boi : Mommy... (with puppy eyes and cute sad droopy cheeks)

Me : Yesssss babe?

Dragon_boi : My tummy is rum-ber-wing.. (rumbling)

Me : Awww baby, poor you.. what would you like to have?

Dragon_boi : My tummy is rum-ber-wing... it needs mew-k (milk) from your bwest (breast).

Hubs : :faint: :slapshead:

Me : :evil: :wink:

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