Thursday, 31 July 2014


My Montessori mornings or days with my boys are different each day, but most days engaging.  I've observed that they have taken keen interest in cultural explorations, hence I have recently finished setting up their cultural shelves with my collection of model animals / replicas and their 3-part cards to commence their journey and interest in early Science.
Just some weeks ago, when I first introduced the names of the dinosaur models and carried out the 3-period lesson with our dinosaur collection, my 2 year old little dragon_boi had the models pretty much all over the place.
Very very pleased and very proud of him that he is now more organized and can lay out his materials in an orderly fashion on our work mat. He is one really hyperactive baby, I tell you! He couldn't even sit for this activity with the dinosaurs and the matching of the 3-part cards! But boys will be boys, and who knew boys can be so much fun to dress and play with. I used to prefer baby girls. Kekeke.. But I for one, was surprised at what a blast I am having with my boys. Some boys will take time to normalize into the Montessori environment. For now, I am contented with my little dragon_boi's development. To my friends with equally active children, jia you! Positive encouragements and setting up of a regular, if not a daily routine, will eventually pave the way to a more Montessorian child in them.

Some of the model creatures collection on our shelves.

There are also matching 3-part cards for every model animal in the entire collection, animal stencils and two variations of animal puzzles - one with 3-5 pieces for little dragon_boi and up to 30 pieces for chubs.

Dinosaur puzzles for chubs. 
Chanced upon these at Popular! 

Some weeks back during one of our sessions working with the dinosaur collection.

A more recent and more organized 
attempt from him. 

We played with these cool, glow in the dark dinosaurs one of the nights before we turned in for bed. Both boys said goodnight to the dinosaurs one by one, all glowing in the dark, up on a shelf in our bedroom, just before their final bf-ing round for the night.

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