Wednesday, 30 July 2014

MONTESSORI PHONICS Do-It-Yourself Sandpaper Letter Cards *DIY Part 2

In this post, I share another type of material you can use to make your own sandpaper letter cards. Here's sharing how you can use foam boards to make the same Montessori sandpaper letter cards.

Foam boards, although soft and light, can offer a prolonged lifespan from usage if compared with vanguard papers. Remember, Montessori education is not rigid. As long as it serves the objectives nicely, any ideas are acceptable ideas. No hard and fast rule.

Included in this post, are the templates to the next two sets of letters covered in the single letter sounds.

These are coloured foam boards. The foam board set on the left, comes in five colours, two boards of each colour. I used the dark blue from this pack for the vowels. If it comes in single colour there'd be 10 boards in a pack. Retails less than S$4 at our local Popular bookstores.I used the single-all-pink pack for the consonants.

Here in this picture, I place both vanguard and foam boards together to show the difference in thickness of each material.

I observed that the colours on foam boards 
are brighter than vanguard papers. 
As you can see here, the foam board 
is a brighter shade of pink.

 You can stick your sandpaper letters using craft glue of any brand you prefer. 
I used Halo Bond. S$2.05 for a small bottle.

The letter q of this font (Century Gothic) does not come with the tail, so I drew 
in the tail to make my letter q.

In this set, the four letters are g, u, w and k. I used the n to make the letter u as the letter u of this font (Century Gothic) does not have the straight line on the left.

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